Chocolate dippin’ in Penticton, mom finds work life balance and sense of pride

May be an image of strawberry and dessert
Classic milk and dark chocolate dip and drizzle, who would love to receive a box like this?

The Penticton Dipper is a small chocolate business run by a busy, energetic mom. Her growing business started in December, 2020 when she made hot chocolate bombs. She posted them on media market places and to her surprise, received an overwhelming amount of responses! She also gained a sense of confidence and productivity.

May be an image of dessert and strawberry
A fun mix of everyone’s favourite, the blue and green berries.

“For the month of December, I was swamped making hot chocolate bombs. It gave me such a feeling of productivity. And I was able to stay home and watch my little man. Plus it was a ton of fun to do. I watched a few YouTube videos and just gave it a go. That being said, I’m ALWAYS online looking for inspiration and new ideas.

Mid January I tried making chocolate dipped strawberries and again got an incredible response! It has been so great for my family. I’ve always worked because not working makes me feel so ‘blah’ about myself. I need to be productive in a way outside of being a mom. Contributing to my household in ways other than doing chores has been so great for my mental health.  

May be an image of strawberry and dessert
An order of Keto berries, yum.

You can usually find me at night after my son has gone to bed, in the kitchen trying out new designs and decorations on strawberries. Creating them has honestly become an addiction for me. I never knew I was creative until I started this! It’s almost therapeutic to me and gives me such a sense of pride!

I’ve reached out to a few stay-at-home moms who have posted online asking if anyone else has felt down being at home all day. My advice? Do whatever you feel you need to and don’t worry about what other people think or say. Your happiness is far more important then others’ opinions and you will be such a better parent when you feel good about yourself. There is no time like right now, and you lose absolutely nothing from trying.”

This inspiring young mom would love to expand her small chocolate business in the future if given the opportunity. These berries are perfect for absolutely every occasion. Of course as she grows she will be sourcing her ingredients locally because what better place than the Okanagan to source out juicy, fresh fruit? If you have a special occasion and love what Chelsea is doing, find her on Facebook!