The Art of Dying Slowly, With Wyatt Bronson

"My name is Wyatt Bronson. I’m currently 31-years-old and reside in Calgary, Alberta. I grew up on Vancouver Island with ever evolving hobbies. Those hobbies currently consist of photography, visual arts and alpine climbing. My life mantra is tattooed on my arm and reads 'Island raised, Rockies aged'.  To me this represents my foundation, built [...]


The Kamloops Jazz Vespers, Enriching Worship With Jazz

'Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones recently described playing a beautiful cymbal as like having a conversation with it. There is such a deep and mysterious beauty attached to playing music.' -RG Kamloops man, Rob Gretsinger, has been drumming for 34 years.  He grew up playing different instruments and singing with his family.  He's played [...]

Kamloops Man, Darrin Rein, is raising awareness of Spinocerebellar Ataxia

'Everything is an obstacle when you have Ataxia! But I will keep knocking those obstacles down!'-DR Born and raised in Kamloops, BC, Darrin Rein is a professional computer geek by trade. He also writes a blog and enjoys watching and playing sports.  But what makes Darrin  unique is his medical condition, Spinocerebellar Ataxia, something he [...]

The Sober Series: Dana Lee

  'Throughout my life I have learned that finding true happiness within yourself is key. With finding happiness, you can heal your mind, body and soul. Take time each day to do something that makes you happy.' -DL 27-year-old Kamloopsian, Dana Lee, has been battling an undiagnosed illness for her entire adult life. Though her [...]