Oh Canada, When Strangers Come To Our Rescue!


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Many years ago I was struggling with major anxiety so had to leave my work in reforestation.  The job was in Port Hardy, on the coast, and due to anxiety I could no longer function properly.  My husband, who was running the project, had to take time out to get me to the little airport in Nanaimo so I could fly home to safety in Kamloops.

He dropped me off and rushed back to his project.  I was left trying to figure out how to cross the grey carpet to the sitting area to wait for a plane.  The distance was not far, but at the time it seemed insurmountable.  My anxiety had me questioning whether I could even walk properly or not.

I was dizzy and unstable in body and mind.  I saw an older lady sitting peacefully reading a book in the waiting area.  I focussed on her with the mission to get to the seat beside her and ask her for help, though frightened by the prospect of scaring someone with my unstable mindset. I made it to the seat beside her.

I explained my difficulties.  She reacted with kindness.  She held my hand to the plane, gave me cookies on the flight, and made sure I deported the plane safely.  I have always wanted to thank this kind lady but in the midst of it all never got her name or contact information.

We are surrounded by bad news and fake news these days, any news as long as it gets attention.  Here are some stories from everyday people like me who experienced the kindness of strangers.  Please enjoy:

“I was grocery shopping at Save On Foods in Brock back in August. Sunflowers are my favorite flower so I was going to buy some for my house. When I was in the check-out line, the gentlemen behind me asked who the flowers were for? I told him they were for myself as they are my favorite flower. He picked up the flowers and put them on his side of the divider and told me, ‘no woman should buy herself flowers, so I’m going to buy these for you’. I almost cried! I thanked him and promised to pay it forward.
This will always be one of my favorite memories” – Matina Durfeld, Kamloops BC

“Almost 20 years ago… I was doing contract construction work. I was doing a drywall job. Worked with a kid at the time on it. Ran into him a few years later at a corner store. He rushed over and shook my hand to where I thought he was going to break it. Turned out that he had his own drywall company now and he credited it to what I had unknowingly taught him.
Lesson learned?
Pass on what you’ve learned…..or it may be gone.”  – Steve Kinch, Kamloops BC


“It was a sunny beautiful day in Vancouver BC. The truck was packed, the cooler was stocked, my beautiful wife and trusty boarder collie were ready to hit the road for our next great backcountry adventure. We stopped to grab snacks and gas before we hit the highway. Unfortunately, when I tried to restart my truck it wouldn’t start. The battery was drained from sitting all winter, and I must not have charged it enough.
Thankfully a stranger came over to lend a hand with jumper cables. He explained to me he had never boosted a vehicle before but was happy to help. Optimistically, I told him it was so easy a chimp could do it and we had a laugh.
I explained to him that the red clip needed to go on the red terminal of the battery, and the black to the black. He gave me an understanding nod and we both placed our clips on the corresponding terminals…or so I thought. As I tried to start my truck I heard him yelling, and when I went to see what was happening smoke was billowing from my battery. I looked at his truck and much to my dismay he had reversed the black and red cables and fried the entire electrical system of my truck. It was then when he revealed his true lack of cognitive ability by stating that his truck would no longer start and could I give HIM a boost in turn.
I explained to him that his ridiculous inability to follow basic directions had likely resulted in thousands of dollars in repairs to us both. I then asked him not to speak to me as he stood there looking confused yet enlightened with an awkward grin on his face.
I’ve never asked for a stranger’s help again.”  –Jay Eves, Vancouver BC

Okay, well I guess it doesn’t always turn out well!  Please join this project and submit your stories to shannonainslie@kamloops.site






Are You Ready to Enter the Corner of Terror with Michael Stewart? EEEEK!


contributed by Michael Stewart

This Kamloops man is a wealth of creative ideas and mind expanding theories that make you go ‘hmmm’.  When I met with him for coffee recently, our time flew by as I was completely engaged with his intellectual and entertaining dialogue.

Michael Stewart, aka ‘Stew’, is a horror entertainment blogger.  His blog is called ‘The Corner of Terror‘. It is in this creepy corner where Stew reviews horror movies from throughout the ages, horror/paranormal books and comics, and also horror games.

The kicker?  Stew believes in paranormal activity.  He has had his fair share of other world experiences and is also a facebook member of a collective of paranormal researchers here in Kamloops called Faculty X Investigators.

Here Stew tells how he rates horror flicks for his readers:

“I use a simple three-tiered rating system: The Good (movies I’d recommend and re-watch), The Bad (movies I’d recommend for a single viewing), and The Ugly (movies I’d recommend performing an exorcism on and cleansing).

Once in a while, I’ll even do an opinion piece on the state of the industry (for example, the influx of remakes/reboots).

Reader feedback can range from, ‘Your review inspired me to watch this movie, and I loved it! Great review! I’ll be back for more,’ all the way up to being cursed with the possibility that one day lemmings will do anatomically impossible things to me. In fact, my first e-mail was a death threat in response to my review of Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’. I smiled, knowing I was finally a ‘success’.”

Stew has most recently reviewed The Babadook and The Conjuring, putting both movies in ‘The Good’ category, and in his blog review he explains why, covering plot, character development, and historical accuracy.

Stew has had experiences using Tarot cards, Ouija boards, involuntary out of body experiences, and poltergeist-like activity.

“My current apartment for instance. It became available for me to move into because the previous occupant had passed away. Well, it likes to act up around Halloween, knocking large stacks of recipes off my printer, tossing a collectible figure (Ash from The Evil Dead) across the room, and flicking my earlobe while I’m trying to work. The rest of the year, it tends to be content with rattling the plates in the kitchen cupboard.

There was also the Battle St house I lived in. This was back in the mid-90’s. I was sleeping on the couch (which is pretty standard for me, actually), on Christmas Eve. The only light was from the streetlight coming through the blinds, and the only sound was the hum of my space heater. Around 1:00 am, the computer in my computer room turned on and played ‘Silent Night’ and turned off. It was a fairly new computer and I hadn’t had time to put any songs on it.”

I had to ask Stew how he responds to the many people who do not believe in paranormal activity:

“But Paranormal Activity does exist! It’s a pretty decent movie. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Seriously, though, I don’t go out of my way to convince people. It’s just not worth the hassle and stress. I know what I’ve experienced, and ultimately that’s what matters. In fact, sometimes, I feel a little sorry for such people because they refuse to see this wonderous and amazing side of Life and what we call Reality.”

In regard to Faculty X Investigators, this province wide collective takes a scientific and open-minded approach to the paranormal.  They explore all aspects of the unexplained and I for one am going to check them out!

You can find Stew in his Corner of Terror here: http://thecornerofterror.blogspot.com/ and on Twitter & Instagram as @terrorcorner.

Basically, I’m around here and there. Even Google +. People use Google + still, right?


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The Controversial Sandwich, with Chilton Nystoruk




Today Kamloops resident Chilton Nystoruk went through a local Tim Hortons drive thru for a cup of coffee. While waiting for service, a man came up to him and asked for some change.  When Chilton told him he only had debit, the man asked if Chilton could buy him a sandwich, to which he generously agreed.

But what started as a simple act of kindness soon became a controversial issue that has instantly garnered the attention of hundreds of caring Kamloopsians on social media.

Here Chilton tells his story in his own words:

“When I went to the window and asked to place an additional order they added it and I said the sandwich is for the gentleman waiting by the till inside. At that point the worker at the till said, ‘sorry we can’t do that’. He explained why (ongoing problems with panhandlers) and I said I would take the sandwich and meet the hungry man somewhere else. The worker replied, ‘no I can’t sell it to you now because I know you are giving it away.’

Resisting the strong urge to throw my coffee back inside the store in disgust, I spoke with a manager who asked me to drive forward and come in to speak instead of holding up the lineup, but no matter what, they would not be selling me a sandwich.

I delayed in protest for awhile in the drive thru while I thought of how to fix the problem. I decided to go inside the store and apologize to the hungry man and tell him that I would give him a ride somewhere else to buy him something to eat because the store refused to sell me food because I was giving it away (making sure to say it loudly enough for everyone to hear.)  Meanwhile, a lady already placing an order overheard and generously bought the gentleman a $10 Timmies card.

I could visibly see a number of customers who were sitting down were shocked to overhear the news!”

Chilton posted his story to facebook only hours ago, and the online community has responded with gusto, support, and disgust at the behaviour of the outlet.  Many have endeavored to boycott the restaurant entirely, including Chilton himself, until the store changes their policy.
They refused to serve me on the grounds that they didn’t like me giving their food to charity.” 

Writer/Director Eric Red and Associate Producer Jason Hewlett Talk BigFoot


contributed by Eric Red

Logline: A team of five heavily-armed extreme hunters go into the remote Wyoming wilderness to bag Bigfoot, but find themselves out-manned against a relentless killing machine when they trespass on Sasquatch’s turf.

I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for an action packed flick about this cute little guy! The movie, which is currently in the pre-production stage, takes place in the forests of northwestern United States and promises suspense and gore.

Kamloops film critic and radio programmer, Jason Hewlett, has undertaken the role of associate producer for the movie.  He is working to promote it in western Canada.  The man behind the movie is Eric Red, writer of The Hitcher and the director of Body Parts, Bad Moon and 100 Feet, as well as several  more significant accomplishments.

I followed up with both men to find out more about No Man’s Ridge.


“I got involved with No Man’s Ridge because Eric and I share a mutual friend in writer/director/actor John Fallon, who I’ve known and collaborated with for about nine years now on various film projects and through our We Came from the Basement show. John is on board as an actor and producer, and asked me to help out with marketing No Man’s Ridge, and building interest in the film through pre-production and financing.

When John asks me to help him, I say yes. It’s that simple. When he said this was an Eric Red movie, there was no way I could say no. Eric wrote The Hitcher and Near Dark, two of my favourite genre movies. He directed Body Parts, 100 Feet and Bad Moon, which are great films. If you are a horror/genre fan, you know who Eric Red is. To be a part of this project is an honour.

To me, this movie is a no-brainer. A group of extreme hunters decide to hunt and kill the ultimate prey — Bigfoot! Naturally, Bigfoot has its own plans. If you like action, horror and thriller movies, this is a movie you’re going to want to see. ’Nuff said! If this sounds like your thing, then we ask you to put your support behind it, please and thanks.

These days, social media is hugely important to generating buzz for a movie and helping to get it made. So we’re asking people to follow the film on social media – we have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – like the Facebook page, and like, comment and share any and all posts. The more people who know about and support this film, the better.”


“I’ve always loved monster movies since I was a kid, and this Bigfoot movie is an updated version of the fun, unpretentious ‘70s Drive In creature features I grew up with. Supercharged with modern action and gore for today’s audiences and guaranteed to deliver the goods for horror fans, NO MAN’S RIDGE is still a good old-fashioned man vs. monster flick like you used to see on TV’s Chiller Theater.

The trick to making a good monster movie is keep it simple, stupid. In NO MAN’S RIDGE, we drop five hunters into the remote mountain wilderness to hunt Bigfoot and the whole movie is them hunting Sasquatch until it starts hunting them, then it’s all about who will survive. I describe this movie as a kick-ass horror action film with lots of adventure thrown in. Bigfoot is scary as hell but sympathetic because these humans come onto his turf and try to kill him and Sasquatch is simply defending himself. The hunters are heavily armed and tough as they come but quickly discover they are up against a creature a hundred times tougher.

The inspiration for NO MAN’S RIDGE came when my good friend, special effects makeup man John Vulich, and I were talking about monster flicks and realized there has never been a good Bigfoot movie. Sasquatch is North America’s monster. There are millions of people in the U.S. and Canada who believe it exists and thousands of people who have had sightings of it across our continent. With all this popular interest out there, nobody’s made a great movie about Sasquatch and the few Bigfoot movies that were done are mostly bad.

We decided to make the ultimate Bigfoot film. John sadly passed recently but I’m pushing forwards making the movie like he would want me to. We originally met because I love special makeup effects and used them instead of CGI on all my films, and that’s what John did. Creating a classic movie monster with Bigfoot using special makeup effects in the old school tradition instead of digital effects was our other motivation doing the film.

After we lost John Vulich, I brought in two of the best special makeup effects men in the business, Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson, to take over for John designing and building the Bigfoot monster and what you see will astound you. This movie all comes down to bringing Bigfoot to life up on screen so you believe Sasquatch is real. That’s our mandate.

I’m excited how we are assembling a great team to make the Bigfoot film, because it’s all about the team. Producing the movie with me are two of my closest friends, John Fallon and my wife Meredith, two of the most knowledgeable and passionate horror filmmakers I know.

The brilliant production illustrator John Gallagher has joined on and has already created the dynamics graphics you see in this article. In a Bigfoot movie Bigfoot is the star, which has given me the opportunity to cast interesting and talented fresh new faces for the six leads, starting with Marc Natoli as Jack, Cleo Rose Elliott as Whitney and Nick Principe as Bigfoot. Making movies is always a true adventure. If all goes according to plan, we start shooting this fall up in Jackson, Wyoming in the spectacular Grand Teton mountain range near Yellowstone National Park.”

Maybe we’ll run into the real Bigfoot…

Be sure to follow our Official No Man’s Ridge Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/nomansridge/to get all the latest news. You can follow the movie’s official Twitter and Instagram at https://twitter.com/nomansridge and https://www.instagram.com/nomansridge/



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Donaldson Is Taking The Next Step In His Advocacy Campaign


Contributed by Gary D


Gary Donaldson is about to take the next step in his advocacy campaign for those suffering with depression and consequential suicidal thoughts.

He will be hosting a seminar in Kamloops on February 6th called Back From The Brink, Depression The Silent Killer.

Gary will be sharing the painful, personal details of his own battle. Various, talented speakers will be taking the stage to tell their perspectives and provide information on mental health.

The venue is yet to be decided on.  It will be announced within the next few days. We need to understand how many people want to come.

Here are Gary’s own words about the event:

“Okay, so I’m going to do my first public outreach on February 6th in Kamloops.  This story needs to be told and not disappear. Suicides in Canada equal a 747 jet full of people crashing every month, all dead.

We’re planning a great outreach, one that is emotional and truthful.  We’re trying to tell a story. I believe I have great speakers who are passionate about life, living, and coping.
We live in a very emotionally sick world. We can watch it pass by and ignore it or we can chat about it, touch it, and perhaps understand it.
The difference between being depressed and not depressed is a simple snap of the fingers.
Be there. Let’s talk about it. Perhaps we can save someone’s life, maybe yours, maybe mine. This is an epidemic and it is growing.

Let’s do it.  Let’s tell the world.”

Everyone is encouraged to attend Back From The Brink, Depression The Silent Killer.  Donations will be collected at the door.  Those attending will be encouraged to participate in the conversation throughout the event.

Speakers will be covering topics such as addiction, cancer survival, depression survival, spirituality, and healthy alternatives to modern medicine.

Please indicate your attendance via facebook so we have an idea for venue size. You will see event under Shannon Ainslie, Back From The Brink, Depression The Silent Killer.

See you there!

I’m not quitting. This needs to be told. I had a really shitty day today, then I realized nothing is simple. Living is hard. Today I am alive, tomorrow is another day.
I truly believe that I can save lives. Love to all of you, your passion kept me alive. (Gary Japper Donaldson)


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Chatting Relationship Wellness and Books with Teacher and Author, Cheryl Paige


contributed by Cheryl Paige

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unhappy, restless, frustrated, lost.… maybe because of life in general, a relationship, your career, your finances, or in your business- YOU have the power to change it! Inside of you are all of the tools you need to create the life you dream of! I am here to simply guide you and point you in the right direction.

Raised in Fort Nelson, BC, Cheryl Paige has made Kamloops her home for two decades. She has been very busy these past few years developing herself and her practice as a Soulful Life Coach, speaker, and even an author of her first book!

Initially the successful owner of a financial planning business, Cheryl has overcome her fears and limiting beliefs to transform her own life into something that brings her happiness and purpose.  She knows very well what it is like to feel ‘stuck’ and unfulfilled, and just what it takes to push past societal programming to create an authentic, meaningful life.

In her practice she focuses on both women’s wellness and working with couples to help them meet their full, loving potential. I thought her perspectives on relationships would resonate with many readers so asked her to talk about couples:

“In this busy world so many couples are struggling to feel connected and fulfilled in their relationships. We often find ourselves feeling lonely and in pain in our relationships and are unsure what to do to feel joy, connection, love and fulfilment.
The key is connection. And the dilemma is how to connect, especially once a couple has hit a state of gridlock where they have turned away from each other and are essentially on opposite teams.
The beginning objective to reviving the relationship is to get the couple back on the same team. In order to do this each person in the relationship must first make a choice, are they in or are they out?  It’s essentially impossible to get on the same team if one or both partners are not fully committed to improving the relationship. The choice does not have to be indefinite, but rather be framed in the lens of, ‘I am fully committed to giving this relationship my all while we do everything we can to create the thriving relationship we desire.’
Then, couples begin to reintroduce connection back into their lives in small, easy to implement ways. The amazing thing is that the little things make a huge difference over time.

I have created safe places for couples to come together to be surrounded by other couples who are also searching to improve their relationships. These environments are two fold: they provide a place for couple’s to gain support, understanding and connection with other couples on a similar path to them, and they provide guidance of what steps they can take to create the relationship they desire.”


Recently Cheryl became a published author.  Her book is entitled Relationship Revival: 8 Pillars of a Strong, Connected & Fulfilling Relationship.  I was interested in hearing about her experience in writing and publishing her very own book, and also how it has been received by readers:

“The process of writing and publishing a book was a process of growth and learning. The writing of the book was the easiest part for me as I knew what I wanted to share and it flowed out of me. The editing process on the other hand…. that was much more of a challenge for me. I love the way that the book took shape and emerged into the 8 Pillars.

I decided to self publish my book so that process in itself required a great deal of learning and fumbling through. I was blessed to be surrounded by mentors who had walked that path before me and were willing to guide me as I needed.

Writing a book felt much like growing and birthing my babies. It was my baby that I kept close to my heart for the years it wasn’t on paper and then as I wrote it all down and it transformed into a finished book, I had to prepare myself, and at times, talk myself into sharing it with the world. It is raw and vulnerable to share our creative work with the world. I prepared myself to finally release it to be read. In that preparation, I focused on how it could impact and help others who were looking for support in their relationships.

I have been blown away by how the book has been received. It has impacted people in ways I could never have imagined and I am honoured that readers take the time to let me know how the teachings in the book have changed their relationships.”

In becoming a coach, a speaker, and an author, Cheryl has of course faced and overcome many challenges.  She had to put aside her own self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. She had to have the courage to be honest and share her story with others. She had to stop caring about what other people thought of her!

In sharing her raw, vulnerable truths, Cheryl motivates others to relax and share too.  This allows others to feel less alone and start breaking down their personal limitations in a safe place.  Her biggest motivation  in her work is to ensure that others do not feel alone in what they are experiencing and how they are feeling.


contributed by Cheryl Paige

My personal vision for my future is to continue to live my life from a place of love, compassion and connection. I am blessed to be living my personal vision every day through the life I have consciously created and designed. I want to continue to live a life that lights me up both personally and professionally. Being a mom, wife and honouring myself as I continue on the path of evolving, growing and learning- because, to me, that’s what life is all about. It’s a journey with no destination.


You can join Cheryl at her NOURISH YOU WOMEN’S WEEKEND March 1 – 3, 2019 in Kamloops details here: www.nourishyouwomensweekend.com

Get a copy of her new book at www.relationship-revival.com

website: www.cherylpaige.ca
Email: cheryl@cherylpaige.ca
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soartoyourhighest/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheryl_paige/


Beaming you light, love & happiness,
Cheryl xoxo

Depression is a Killer,with Gary ‘Japper’ Donaldson


contributed by Gary D. aka Japper

In the beginning of 2019 I came across a facebook post that took my breath away. It was written by a man I didn’t know and went like this:

To all my beautiful friends . I’m sorry but I have chosen tonight to die. I love all of you and sorry it ended this way Shit happens. Goodbye love you all.

With my heart in my throat I sent a direct message to him, asking him if he was okay.  He did not respond for days. And when he did he was brief.  Rather lamely, I wrote him that I was happy he was still here.

The seed had been planted though and we soon followed up with a long conversation where we got to know each other a bit more, and I got to discover the rare gem this man is as well as the disease he is courageously willing to talk about.

“I need to tell this story. If I can save someone’s life it is worth it.  I live it, I get it, not sure I can beat it but let’s try and save someone. This is an epidemic that needs to be talked about and addressed.”

A passionate guy with a smile that lights up a room,  Gary has been battling depression and consequently suicidal thoughts for the latter part of his life. At one time he was always the happiest person in the room, earning him the nicknames ‘Smilie’ and ‘Japper’, and depression was an impossibility.  What happened?
“Depression crept into my life when I got my divorce. People always say their divorce was bad, but I win bad, hands down. 25 years of marriage was gone with the snap of the fingers. It stayed messy and cruel on a daily basis for three years. There was no letting up.

Then I fell in love with a beautiful woman. The days of fun and happiness were back and abundant. Yet in the background was a silent killer creeping into my life. I was like a duck swimming, so calm and happy on top, my feet paddling like crazy underneath. It had got me, depression was now a daily part of my life.

I fought it with happy thoughts and fun things but inevitably it attacked my mind relentlessly. Alcohol was my out. Drink and forget the bads and remember the goods. It was a daily fix to my problems. It didn’t solve anything, just paused my depression briefly.
I remember going on antidepressants for the first time. I didn’t like them. I felt they flat-lined me. No highs, no lows. No sad emotions and certainly no happiness. It wasn’t me. My emotions were hidden deep inside me with no release. So my daily battle with depression had entrenched itself in my mind. Again I was calm on top yet paddling like crazy underneath.

Sleeping was difficult and focusing was nearly impossible. You tend to fake happiness to the people around you, silently crying underneath. Depression I like to say is the devil: attack, attack, attack. It is relentless with no mercy.
Along came another incredible woman who is still the most beautiful person in the world. She taught me spirituality. I experienced many moments with a peaceful mind. Meditation, exercise, and even praying slowly became daily fighters against the devil. This almost worked. I was close, yet so far.
Then came my last battle. It was so cruel that I didn’t want to live. I had no job, no money, no home and of course, no girlfriend. That was a bad week. I saw no purpose for myself. I had lived a great life and had done everything a man could ever want to do. I had two beautiful children now grown up. I actually was at peace with myself. I believed the road out was too difficult to begin again. Leaving the world was the simple way out. I chose it.
My post saying goodbye was sincere, I was checking out.
Then along came the overwhelming support of my friends. They are the most beautiful people in the world. Their compassion and love was so beautiful. They made me believe that perhaps I had a purpose to pursue.

I’m not overly religious, but spiritual yes. Is there a God? I believe there is. I believe that in my final moments God gave me a choice to live or die. I was seconds away from death, perhaps only inches. That close, I chose life, at least for now. But it is a daily battle where I’m happy one moment and crying the next.
God knows I’ve been to the bottom choosing death yet for some reason have chosen life. For now. So I’m going to tell my story and listen to anyone suffering from this dreadful disease. If I can save one life that will be a win. I’m going to try.”


Today, Gary is coming out of his shell to reach out to others about depression and suicide.  For him, some days are great and others are really challenging and the two seem to flip flop as quickly as the snap of a finger.  He has survived suicide attempts and great losses due to depression.

He is ever grateful for the support, concern, advice, and love he has received from the people around him.

“A person gets thrown curve balls in life, and sometimes we find it very overwhelming. Friend’s help and support is a blessing. I will suggest that whether it’s me or someone you know or love, carry on ,share a moment. It doesn’t take long as you have proved to me with your kindness. Loneliness is a huge mental part of depression. To be lonely is crushing, it’s a deal breaker. Be a friend, it works.
In ending, again thanks to all you beautiful people out there for your support. You bring tears to me, and happiness in my heart.
Love you all so much.


contributed by Gary D. aka Japper