Talkin’ Squatchin’, it never took its eyes off me!

“I have always been fascinated with the idea of looking for bigfoot. Even as a young boy, I knew they had to be out there but I didn’t get into the sasquatch community until 2017. The topic of sasquatch came up in a carpool with two of my best friends after pictures of large footprints showed up on Facebook by a mutual friend of ours.”

Sheldon Quewezance lives and works in the Lower Nicola Valley. He also searches for bigfoot there with a team of investigators who share a love of the squatch:

“We had early success with finding a lot of footprints in certain areas and hearing strange screams. We then had a sighting in 2018 and that changed everything. It ignited a fire inside of me that I don’t think I could put out now even if I wanted to. Thanks in part to Covid-19 global pandemic, we became very limited in the number of trips we could take out to the woods so I decided that a podcast could be the next best thing to being in the forest.

Sheldon Q

While I still absolutely love going into the forest to search for clues, hearing other people’s encounters is quickly growing to be a favourite thing to do as well. I’ve met so many great people in doing interviews as well as many others in the sasquatch community. Of course, there are skeptics but that goes in any field of research and is to be expected.”

Sheldon has been invited on expeditions around the county by fellow bigfoot folks. He intends to take his show in a larger direction, considering a website where people can share ideas and findings. Oh, and more shows:

“I’d also like to do more shows, hopefully two or three times a week but that’s down the road. I am still growing the show and learning new things all the time.”

For a spooky story about looking for bigfoot hit the play button below on the Nicola Valley Bigfoot Podcast!


Nicola Valley Bigfoot Podcast