The Great Canadian Baking Show contestant from Revelstoke, where is he now?

Our very own BC man, Liam Harrap was a contestant on The Great Canadian Baking Show, Season 3 in 2019. Coming from Revelstoke, Liam was one of three contestants representing our province. He even made it through several rounds! His personality was quirky, funny and uniquely laidback. His baking creations were….well, creative, as he brought elements of the Kootenays to every round. Liam also made some great connections with his fellow Canadian contestants, some of whom are still solid connections today. So where is Liam now and what creative cooking projects is he working on currently?

Liam Harrap serving up tasty treats in the great outdoors.

Liam is still loving life in Revelstoke. He’s a multimedia journalist at the Revelstoke Review and outdoor adventurist. His favourite place to be is on the side of a mountain, of which there are many all around him. As far as cooking goes, Liam has been working on a fun project. He is cooking a dish from a different country every week!

“I’m trying to make a meal from every country in the world, working my way through the alphabet. I’m slow as it’s taken three years so far, haha. Next country is Israel. My rules are that there has to be three dishes from the country, you listen to music from the country as you cook and the anthem when you eat dinner.

And we enter the H with Haiti, country 73. The menu was Tostones, which are twice fried plantains, pork griot that is sour and sweet. First you boil and then grill the pork with lots of citrus. We also had rice and beans and for dessert blan-manje, which is a coconut pudding with gelatin.-LH
Food brings people together!

Food not only brings people together but nations. Turns out we can travel the world and yet never leave our kitchens. It just takes dedication, sense of adventure and a really really good spice rack.

These meals are about connection, both with friends, the unknown and a new culture. Simply, no country eats alone. I might live in a small Canadian town with highways that frequently close from avalanches and car crashes with six feet of snow covering my bedroom window, but for one night I can go to the beaches of South Africa, the jungles of Peru and the deserts of Saudi Arabia.”

Future goals for Liam? Finish this project! And bake a whole chicken covered in puff pastry. Oh, and complete a couple of Ultra Marathons. For fun and adventure in the kitchen and outdoors, follow Liam on Instagram!