The Blue Grotto – Johnston is a positive Pup

If you live in Kamloops and you haven’t heard of The Blue Grotto Nightclub then, well, you should probably get out more! If you haven’t heard of David ‘Pup’ Johnston then let me tell you about this guy. He is the owner of the popular nightclub on Victoria Street, a club that pre-covid was always bumpin’ with live music from musicians from all over, jamming in all different genres.

Pup is widely known for his positive attitude and die hard passion for supporting and promoting musicians. He has been working in nightclubs since he was seventeen, and though he acts like a spring chicken, he isn’t, so this means a lot of years in the industry!

“The Blue Grotto is bigger than me or my staff.  It is about the community, the bands, the musicians. Prior to Covid shut down I was bringing in all kinds of different stuff from country to punk to metal, it is great to have a mix. I love to support bands and talk with all kinds of people. Nightclubs are places to gather, dance, mingle, meet new people and yes, get lucky! Our online world just isn’t the same.”

Ryder from Nashville Pussy, photo by Pup

During this pandemic there have been twists and turns that have challenged many businesses and Pup must continue to survive until the doors are able to open again. This means tightened belts while continuing to pay rent at the club. The struggle is real. Here is a Facebook post by Pup in late October, 2020:

“Just a little update! With extreme joy! I would like to express my gratitude to Creative BC and AmplifyBC. Thanks to your grant we can fight the wolf for a few more months!! You’re our hero and it will be my pleasure to promote through you in the future and support artists throughout BC and across Canada.”

The Blue Grotto, photo by Pup

Often recognized by the public, Pup is currently a bit less recognizable, wearing a giant, white Santa beard. I’m not going to sit on his lap, but I am sure to be dancing at his club as soon as the doors open again! Wishing Pup and his family, the staff and all of the artists, a swift recovery soon.

Pup Johnston, ‘horns’ pose