Richelle Marie boudoir photographer, living in the now and creating magic

“I don’t shoot what it looks like, but what it feels like . Empowering bad ass babes daily and leaving the dust behind . You are beautiful, remember that.” -Richelle Marie, boudoir photographer.

A Richelle Marie boudoir babe

The creative mind and face behind the camera is that of Richelle Marie, owner at Richelle Marie Boudoir in Kamloops, BC. She has been photographing in the boudoir for the past seven years and is ‘hopelessly devoted to living in the now and creating magic’. What prompted her starting up in this edgy little niche?

A Richelle Marie boudoir babe

“Honestly, I’m not the most secure person with body image and I’ve thought with photography you can really capture a person’s real emotion and most vulnerable moments and showcase them in beauty . That’s my joy. I love empowering women to be the raw vision of themselves. I love women who are scared out of their minds and slay their session and leave feeling like a boss bitch! Nothing makes me happier .

A Richelle Marie boudoir babe

From tears of joy to lots of laughing, your experience will take a positive outlook on yourself and loving your body and the rest of your life. It’s a life changing experience. Do the shoot. It’s worth it. I take you out of your comfort zone and it’s therapy.”

Richelle Marie

You can follow Richelle Marie boudoir photographer on instagram at richellemarieboudoir or on Facebook at Richelle Marie Boudoir, but psyche! Ladies Only! If you are interested in doing a shoot you can find information on her page regarding costs and availability. Lately, Richelle has so many clients she was almost too busy to squeeze in this article! But I’m sure she will make sure everyone gets their special shoot for that special occasion. Thank you Richelle, you are going to be busy!