Red Beard Cafe has rotating taps and seasonal from scratch food, mmmm….

At Red Beard Cafe in Kamloops, the beer list is always rotating with beers from BC. The food is sourced locally and made from scratch. Wait a second, everything is sourced as locally as possible, even the gin, the coffee, the ciders….The only risk is that you may fall in love with a dish and the menu will change with the season. But here’s the thing, I know from experience and can assure you, you will fall in love with the next dish, and the next and the next.

Add to the drool worthy food and fresh drinks some amazing staff (I personally like the guy in the kilt), funky ski town vibes and top notch service, and you have yourself the perfect dining experience.

Nino made some wicked Gnocchi, with herbs and parm, sautéed with house chorizo and tomatoes, topped with green onions!
“Suck It Cancer” from @backcountrybrewing – cause well, it’s right there in the name. This fundraising beer is also an easy drinking hazy pale ale that tastes like fuzzy peaches.
Lattes with @fernwoodcoffee 1936 Espresso – plus specialty Red Beard ones like Fireball Mocha, Rum Caramel Latte, Amaretto Chai with Oat Milk.

“Being at Red Beard nearly every day is a wonderful way to spend my time, meeting all manner of our humble North Shore community coming through the doors to visit. Whether folks are on their walk, their weekly date, family night or their first date, it’s so fun to share some time and energy with them. The North Shore must be the proudest community in Kamloops and it makes me so proud to be part of it.” – owner Mitch Forgie

Seen by Red Beard Cafe at 9:20 AM

So what are you waiting for? Check out Red Beard Cafe in Kamloops at 449 Tranquille Road. Also, they have a really cool Facebook page!