Recognized Vancouver photographer takes decades of experience to runways, real estate and the classroom

Mike Fotowerks in action

30 years ago, Mike Fotowerks moved to Canada from Poland with a masters in computer science. He ran a business while doing photography on the side. 15 years ago, Mike left the ‘rat race’ to pursue his passion full time. He is currently a recognized photographer based in Vancouver working with a diverse array of artists and designers:

“I do a little bit of everything.  Portrait, fashion, but also product and shoots for interior designers and realtors. I just enjoy everything that is beautiful and I’m lucky to be able to do this full time now. Part of what I enjoy doing is helping new and established models build and improve their portfolios.”

Work for interior designers and real estate

Mike shoots at fashion shows in Canada and the US. He has shot Vancouver Fashion Week for six years now. The very recent show last fall was all virtual, which Mike described as ‘strange, with no public’. Organizers invited two photographers last fall, one from Toronto, and Mike!  For Mike, it was an honour and delight to be a part of another week at the annual multicultural event, which is the second largest fashion week in North America and growing!

model: Renee Ma in Bold & Beautiful Magazine

Mike believes art and diversity are important. He works to create artistic photographs that communicate more than just basic information about a subject. His compositions ‘reveal the distinct personality of each individual, capturing two dimensional images that convey the feelings, moods or intimate moments in the life of the subject’.

“It is an ongoing project born out of three decades of experience photographing people of all ages, whether in a studio, fashion show or sporting event. I rely on traditional field techniques and attention to detail to create images that feel alive and authentic without a lot of digital manipulation.”

model: Sabrina Jenz on the cover of Ventures Girlz

Mike also loves to teach and share his knowledge with others:

“I had a chance to talk to kids at school once about composition and we did a photography project after. This included an exhibition of their work where the whole school and parents visited.”

Mike teaching his craft to school students

He has many more interesting projects on the horizon. One he finds particularly interesting is about the BC fishing industry, including several flags, some of which are 100 years old. This project is due to be released next month.

Product photography – project about the BC fishing industry, to be released next month.

Mike has been published in well over 100 art magazines and has had over 20 covers! A recognized photographer based in Vancouver. You can follow his many adventures here:

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