Pushing past doubt: finding personal power and freedom of expression

Kamloops man Joey Roo works a blue collar day job, but in his free time he is busy learning about beauty and playing with makeup. He has struggled with low self-esteem, has been in and out of treatment for anxiety and has navigated his gender identity. But when Joey is ‘getting glam, doing makeup or in front of a camera, he feels nothing but powerful and confident’. Now he is courageously expanding perspectives of beauty and art through modeling, including boudoir.

Joey Roo, photo by Kyle Sveinson

“I struggle with confidence and modelling has given me so much. I am an aspiring makeup artist and my main client really inspired me to push myself to really get out there and make my dreams happen. At some point we all need to stop waiting for others to realize our worth and trust ourselves.

Joey Roo, photo by Jo Sarada

I’m definitely not strictly boudoir modeling. I definitely do regular modelling too, boudoir is fairly new to me. I first was introduced to boudoir by Jo Sarada, who has become my main photographer. She is such an amazing photographer. She has a way of making me feel so comfortable and bringing out a side in me that radiates confidence. I have so many crazy photo shoot ideas and Jo is so amazing at making my ideas reality!

Joey Roo, photo by Jo Sarada

My friend Delayne has a really successful clothing line and I was backstage at all her shows. And then I started catering her shows. When I was in Victoria the day or two after I got out of treatment my friend took me to lunch and a really cool dressed man came up to me and gave me his Instagram and I ended up modeling for him in a fashion show and for a couple of ads.”

Joey plans to take modeling further and work with local fashion boutiques. He aspires to take the makeup artist course at the Interior Academy. He has recently been added to his first PR list by a Canadian lash company.

Joey Roo, photo by Joe Sarada

“I’m super excited that there are people and brands taking notice of me and think I have value and trust me to represent them.”

Joey’s advice? ‘Be your own damn hype man and know how awesome you are’! To follow Joey as he is expanding perspectives of beauty click here!