Vamp&Vixen Luxury Nails is more than painting nails!

For Tammy Halverson, owner of Vamp&Vixen Luxury Nails, fingernails tell a story and painting them is an intimate, creative experience. A nail technician in Kamloops, the fun, sassy and sexy Tammy explains her unique process:

“Digits of details, whatever your identification is (villain, vixen, macabre or modest) your nails tell a story of your personality, health, occupation and kink.

Nails for days!! Custom blended soft translucent pink and a little hex glitter!

Tammy Halverson, waiting for the next client

I am a hobby artist who has chosen the mini canvases on the tips of your fingers as my creative outlet. My desire is your desire. I hold your hand and assess your energy. I observe you. What you’re wearing, the length of your gaze as your lips move expressing to me your desires. It’s art and psychology intertwined with eroticism.

So haute! Hard gel enhancement with acrylic powder colour and matte finish! Look at the metal stud details in the ring fingers that complete this fashion set!

To take your hand in mine is an intimate moment shared and I have found that trust opens the mind to things more risqué, novel and yet undiscovered. I create small art with colours, textures and shapes. The wearer feels safe with these small expressions of self and I notice that once adorned, the hands move differently. The ooo’s and ahhhh’s when the art is complete is my reward.”

Tammy’s ‘rebel’ pic

Vamp&Vixen Luxury Nails is based out of Kamloops, though Tammy does travel around a bit doing nails for photo shoots. The company was started in 2019 and continues to grow! Always interested in people, art and beauty, the home based business idea came together naturally for Tammy and she absolutely loves what she does. You can find Tammy on Facebook to see photos of the many unique nail designs she has created as well as her uplifting videos.