More than photography, unique art creation in the Shuswap

Beyond The Cloud

“Self expression has been a part of our existence since the beginning of time. The excitement with the discovery of artifacts and our preoccupation with how past cultures lived and created speaks to the significance of art and creativity in all cultures. Any discussion of the importance of supporting artists should include the support of all those creative people who provide to many needs in other areas of our society.” – John (Jack) Berger, artist in the Shuswap

Canoe resident Jack Berger was born in Toronto. He has lived, worked and studied in many Canadian towns in his life. Having experienced his early years in a rural setting in The Upper Ottawa Valley, Jack has re-discovered that which has meaning relative to the theme, ‘where I live’. His work and life experience is mostly in professional sales and carpentry/woodworking. He loves the Shuswap lifestyle. Mostly, he enjoys walking, woodworking and landscape photography. The latter he describes as ‘being very much a developing story.’

Sunset Reflections

Jack, alongside his wife Holly, is the owner of ShuswapPhotoCraft & Art Gallery:

“My photography work is the development of my photos as photo art. These are reproduced on mostly canvas with an increasing number of works printed on metal. I make my own style of crafted wood frames finished in a variety of vintage colours. We have a full line of factory frame material and offer complete frame finishing services. I have also added a line of rustic Shuswap Cabin Furniture. I’m pleased to be able to create the works I do. I’ve not lost the sense of satisfaction I get from seeing the enjoyment others derive from my creations.”

The Further I Go

Jack’s art is an expression of his appreciation of the Shuswap lifestyle:

“My being and doing art in the Shuswap was chosen by love. I can think of no better place to be at one with my environment. The world and that part of it which I inhabit is really livable and I take seriously my role in preserving and presenting as it will be.” 

ShuswapPhotoCraft & Art Gallery is located in The Westgate Public Market in Salmon Arm. The business is turning three years old this coming April! For more information, check out the website or make a trip out to the market:) For a photography article on owls, click here!