Mike Miltimore talks about guitar ‘necknology’

Published December 2020 www.riversongguitars.com Mike Miltimore of Riversong Guitar

He just builds guitars that are sold all over the world to famous musicians. No biggy. Mike Miltimore is the co-owner of Lees Music in Kamloops and owner of Riversong Guitars. He is kinda famous for his guitar designs and the groundbreaking technical features he has created. He refers to it as ‘necknology’ and is clearly passionate about his craft.

Typically Mike is globe trotting to various guitar related events, I will assume mega-sized events, but, of course, Covid-19. So lucky for me, I got to meet him at the shop were he showed me a variety of guitars and their functions, and the source of the materials used to build them. He is a super knowledgeable and modest guy! He has some other instruments as well, some with interesting histories and unique designs.

I learned that Lees Music typically takes care of most of the sound requirements for events all over Kamloops all year long. This community engagement has been missed this past year and the financial impact is real. Add on the mental impact of a year without live music! The store is still open for business and student lessons are happening all within safety protocols, of course!

If you love guitars and technology, Mike’s website is super packed with tons of content, interviews, sounds and videos. Riversong Guitars has been mentioned in many notable magazines and have been purchased by many notable musicians. My favourite fact I found out? Kyle Gass of Kyle Gass Band and Tenacious D rips on a Riversong guitar! Take a peek, you might be surprised what you find out.

Thank you very much for the tour Mike Miltimore of Riversong Guitar, hope you are rocking out with your sound systems soon and the rest of us along with you!