It started with a lady bug cake…

This journey begins with a fondant covered lady bug cake. A cake that was made by Cathy Morris for her daughter’s fourth birthday. When Cathy saw that ‘magical smile’ come across her daughter’s face, she was hooked! This was ten years ago. Ten years ago, Cathy started taking her cake building and decorating skills to the next level. She watched all of the cake competitions, expanded her kitchen and found suppliers. Then she made cakes for family and friends, and before long, people were contacting her for specialty cakes.

To date, the Dragon’s Egg Cake is one of Cathy’s favorite cakes she has created

 “I try to make most of my stuff from scratch and even have a supplier of fresh eggs.  Most of my decorating is hands on… making each flower petal separately and any other decoration hands on. Tend to bake two days before I need the cake, let it cool that night, do the filling and stacking and ‘dirty’ ice it. Then I spend the night and next morning decorating and putting it all together.  

My favourite, can you believe this is all edible?

 I combined my love of baking and my years of college in fine/graphic design in Nanaimo and culinary arts in Vancouver. Now the only limit is people’s imagination!  My favorite cakes to make are still the ones where people give me a topic and give me free reign to draw up a picture and go from there. Sometimes I change a few things along the way to make it more appealing or add a little extra ‘sparkle’.  But every cake is different and unique and I love a challenge.”

Catherine’s Cakes, specialty cakes

Catherine travels around now providing specialty cakes. At first it was around Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Smithers. Now she also serves Kamloops and Vancouver Island, mostly with wedding cakes. Yet for her, the first specialty cake holds the most special memory.

 “The very first cake I made holds my special memory. That lady bug cake may not have been that hard or spectacular, but to see my daughter’s smile is something that I hold dear to my heart! And I think that is why (when I can) I add a little lady bug to my cakes. It’s kinda like my signature I guess. Who knows where this hobby turning to Catherine’s Cakes will take me?”