Tattoo artists from Toronto open shop in Merritt!

‘We had a vision and brought it to life and it will only get better from here! Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback and support! We feel so lucky to have found this space to make our own!’ -Marco, owner

When I took to social media to ask who the best tattoo artist in Merritt is, the response was overwhelming! One hundred responses came back, most directing me to Mom’s Tattoo Co! Life and business partners, Marco Merulla and Natali Budihardjo are the artistic entrepreneurs behind the fairly new studio. Marco says he always loved the look of tattoos and knew at a young age that he wanted a lot of them:

“I started collecting tattoos at the age of 17. But, I didn’t know I wanted to be a tattoo artist until later in life. I started tattooing friends in my late twenties and quickly realized I needed guidance. So I put together a portfolio to bring to shops in the city and had my ass handed back to me several times. Finally I got a position at a street shop and worked on getting better and eight years later you have what you see now.” 

Mom’s Tattoo masterpiece

Marco and Natali had not planned on owning a shop until very recently. They came from Toronto in May, 2020, to escape the lockdown. They liked Merritt and saw a need for a tattoo shop. Marco enjoys making clients happy:

“The part I love about my job the most is seeing the smile on our clients’ faces when looking at their new tattoo for the first time. I enjoy painting tattoo flash and coming up with new designs. The fact I can turn an idea in my head into an image on paper is exciting.

Mom’s Tattoo, colourful creation

The response from the people of Merritt and surrounding areas has been overwhelming and makes us feel really appreciated. Everyone seems really happy to have a shop in town. It’s been great meeting everyone and making new friends. So far we’ve been able to work on some cool projects.”

You can see a lot of their tattoo artwork on instagram at Marco merulla @marcomerullatattoos and Natali Budihardjo @minipokes.pmu. Let us know what you think! Is Marco the best tattoo artist in Merritt?