A Kamloops wildlife photography tour!

Bald Eagle eating on the fly so no one else steals it! Photo by Lyn MacDonald, Kamloops, BC
The male Pileated woodpecker has a red ‘mustache’. Photo by Lyn MacDonald, Kamloops, BC
‘When will that bartender get back with my drink?’ Photo of marmot by Lyn MacDonald, Kamloops,BC 
Ruddy duck makes bubbles for his courtship display! Photo by Lyn MacDonald, Kamloops, BC

Lyn MacDonald has been interested in wildlife all her life. She started learning about wildlife photography just four years ago. Her photos are captivating to say the very least! They tell a story about our local wild animals and the environments they live in:

“Joining the Kamloops Naturalist’s Club was helpful to learn about animals, birds and their habitats. We met like minded people for field trips, which are all on hold now. My partner Ron and I are retired so we take day trips just looking at nature, spotting birds or animals. Once, while at McArthur park by the slough, we heard a commotion and saw an otter take a goose from below the water and drag it off. I didn’t have my big lens as I was looking at insects on the flowers in the Butterfly Garden.”

Gosling. Photo by Lyn MacDonald, Kamloops, BC
Dang Cacti! Photo by Lyn MacDonald, Kamloops, BC
Lynx. Photo taken on March 2019 by Lyn MacDonald, Kamloops, BC. Perhaps the same one that was picked up and taken to BC Wildlife Park, found to have many ticks, then later released.

‘For someone wanting to start bird and wildlife photography, try starting with something as common  a mallard drake duck. Try getting the purple that shows on it’s head in the right light. It’s not that easy.” – LM

For more photography by Lyn, you can find her on a truly stunning Facebook page of local talents, Kamloops Photographers!