It is a party! A Kamloops art party of course!

Carly Schmidt and Jennii Dyer

“We offer and fun and creative experience! Art is so important for mental health, connection, meditation and personal expression.  There has never been a more telling time as the global pandemic to truly show how important it is to have a creative outlet.” – Carly Schmidt, owner

Carly Schmidt started Kamloops Art Party in 2017 to provide a fun and creative art experience.  Jenelle Hystad, Jennii Dyer and Marcie Mutch joined the company soon after with so much passion for art, love and making the world better.  The company tagline? ‘A fun and creative experience!’

Kamloops Art Party studio

“There are endless forms, mediums and ideas that become so much more when artists can come together. They form think tanks, collaboration projects and inspiration,” says Carly. “Art can help heal the world. The community support and growth that all the artists at Kamloops Art Party have received has been the best experience the team could ask for.  Every art party, no matter the size, has ignited the art passion further in the class leaders as well as the participants.” 

In studio, this staff of professional artists are always enthusiastic to provide supplies. They teach people acrylic and watercolor painting skills, paint pouring, sculpting, resin pouring, jewelry creation and more. 

Although the future is unpredictable, the company, staff and patrons remain committed to never stop creating and sharing.  The staff looks forward to evolving with the times to continue to help Kamloops create, inspire and heal.  They have created public and private zoom classes, take home art bundles and online tutorials.

A fun and creative experience, art can heal the world

Kamloops Art Party is always accepting new artists. The art supply menu is priced to be affordable.  People of any age, race, gender or diverse ability are welcome to the safe space of the studio. They can tap into their creative side or get personalized help from home with the new zoom class program.  In the 12th St studio there are two workrooms for project creation. The boutique is filled to the brim with local art, paintings, jewelry and masks.

So what are you waiting for?