This guy is seriously dedicated to his craft!

Playing in collaboration with Echo Drone, Kelowna BC

He is young and determined and quickly growing in his field. Electronic music producer, Brandon Knippleberg started learning his craft in 2011. He has since produced tracks, created cover art, collaborated with other artists and performed live in Kelowna! This is all around completing school, working full time and paying for expensive sound equipment:

“When I first looked into how to create music there were not many tutorials out there. I had to kind of figure it all out on my own. A huge amount of time was put into just that itself. Now someone young and wanting to get into the scene can overpass my skill level within a couple of years. There’s still more to learn about the programs I use even though I’ve spent many thousands of hours in them.

FVCK RVDDIM is my favourite single I’ve released. Usually when I put something together, the less I think about it, the more I will end up liking the final product. I was just fooling around with some sounds one day and one thing caught my eye and inspired basically the entire track, with the rest being history.

The most recent collaboration I released was ‘Nuts‘ with Echo Drone. The industry around collabs is pretty open, as it benefits all artists involved through promotion and production. In terms of Nuts, one day I sent a work in progress drop and Echo Drone said, ‘Do you want to collab on that?’ For me, my answer is mostly always a yes, because it builds some hype around the song.

The added pressure also gets me more into the headspace of actually wanting to finish the track. Normally you send the project back and forth, allowing both of you to add upon the other person’s ideas. Once the project was complete, I ended up playing it live on Record City’s stage in Kelowna with another artist friend Lizdek.

People do make money producing music, although it takes a while to get there. Your income is based on your streams, plays, purchases and releases, which usually coincides with popularity. This type of income eventually is superseded by people buying your sample packs. People subscribing to services like Patreon, or even just sending generous donations on live streams, can be a big chunk of your revenue.

The goal for me eventually is to be able to tour around the world and play live sets once I build up more of a dedicated fanbase, and of course, once Covid isn’t an issue anymore.” – Brandon Knippleberg

Check out this electronic music producer here! Fun fact, his dad does cool stuff too!