Concept artist makes ‘horrorish’ art

Mystical, magical, haunting, dystopian. These are just a few words to describe the digital art that Sabrina Hemeon creates. Sabrina has been drawing and making art since the age of five yet she says she hasn’t always loved doing art and creating isn’t necessarily a positive experience.

“It is always a struggle to find the balance. Sometimes creating makes me feel good but I think like a lot of other people I mostly use art as an outlet for negative emotions. A lot of people who see my art first before meeting me are kind of surprised. I dress really girly and gay-ish for lack of better words, lots of pinks, painted nails, etc. But then they look at the general themes of my art and it is almost always moody or horrorish so I guess I tend to push all of my negative feelings out into art.

I have a lot of trans pieces that kind of express my feelings and emotions on my gender identity. It is something I have a lot of feelings about and art tends to be the best way to express it for me.”

Sabrina is a trans concept artist in B.C. and Lead Designer at Atomic Cartoons. Atomic Cartoons is an artist-driven, multifaceted studio that includes some of North America’s most creative animators, directors, producers, and writers.

“My general process is honestly pretty simple at least for personal work. The work I do for clients is more geared towards what they need. But for me I usually will have a list of ideas I have thought about and try to make note of whenever I think something might make a good painting. Take one of those ideas, try and make a basic composition through modelling and 3D, look at a ton of movie stills and try to find something that would match interestingly, then paint it over and finish it up in Photoshop. A lot of the ideas themselves tend to come from just life experience or however I am feeling at the time.”

Sabrina has no crazy plans for the immediate future. You can find her horrorish art on Instagram!