Age is just a state of mind for this vibrant Vancouver modelling team

by Mike Fotowerks with model Anna Yu

“Beauty is not stopping at age 40! On the inside we still want to look as good as when we were young! The Jane Xu Model Team is about celebrating beauty and talent regardless of age. We have participated in more than 70 fashion events in the past six years, including Vancouver Fashion Week. This modelling team is very popular in the Chinese community and fashion field in Vancouver in general”.

by Mike Fotowerks, with model Kathy Wei

Jane Xu is the lead model and instructor of the team. She teaches how to model on the catwalk and how to dress properly. Catwalk is very different from walking as models have to concentrate on moving almost 30 parts of the body! Jane says moving all the parts correctly at the same time is not easy. At each class, she teaches five more movements and students combine them with what they already learned in previous classes. This is the most challenging task for modelling students. Of course, as the instructor, Jane has her own challenges:

“The biggest challenge for me is timing.  Each show has a limit and models must go to the stage at the perfect time. I have to watch the distance between models, and how much time they are spending on poses and walking on the stage. When all the timing is correct, the show is just beautiful!”

by Mike Fotowerks, with model Arashi Chan

Jane came to Canada 31 years ago from Beijing, China. She was a model in China, and then did some modelling in Victoria shortly after she arrived. She won first place at Can Am International Modelling Convention in 1990:

“When I was in my 3rd year at Beijing Capital Economic University, I started as a model in Beijing. It was rare in China during the 1980’s for a university student to model. I was the only one, the others were workers from factories. We had fashion shows at top hotels. People dressed very plainly during that time so models really stood out.

In 1989 I came to Canada and studied English at University of Victoria, then started as a model in a local agency. Shows were in hotels, convention centers and department stores. The difference between the two countries in modelling was the audience. Here people were used to seeing others dressed really nicely.”

by Mike Fotowerks, with model and modelling instructor, Jane Xu

For the future, Jane will train more models and do more shows. She feels very good about above age 40 modelling and predicts it will become more common in the fashion field:

“We are beautiful, fashionable and well modelling trained. We can look very good and so can others. Beauty is not stopping at age 40, let’s continue, we have more freedom to do so!”