Pursuing The Paranormal With Investigator Sarah Meints

Paranormal Investigator Sarah Meints

Sarah Meints is a paranormal investigator with a powerful need to know more about the afterlife. She grew up on a tiny farm in a rural, sleepy border town. Perhaps it was the remains of abandoned buildings dotting the fields she passed on her long rides to school that sparked her interest in the creepy and mysterious?  Maybe it was the remnants around her of an historical logging town, once alive and booming, now mostly bones, that had her young mind pondering life after death?

Sarah has been participating in paranormal investigations on and off for nine years. She is part of the We Want To Believe (WW2B) team, who travels extensively to investigate structures and sites known for paranormal activity:

“I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and I always had questions nobody could answer, so I figured I would try to find my own explanations. I used to read a lot, watch paranormal documentaries and research metaphysics and religion. I know there is more to life and death than I know and I’m still not quite sure what it is but I would like to know.

I used to watch Paranormal State religiously when I was a teen and desperately wanted to be an investigator. I had such a crush on their lead member, Ryan Buell. In my mid-twenties I finally got the courage to search for a local paranormal group online. I found the Vancouver Paranormal Society (VPS) and applied to be a member. At the time I was living in Chilliwack but I had my car, gas money and a lot of passion. To my surprise, they took me on and I’ve been friends with the president of the group, Peter Renn, ever since.

The only strange thing I ever experienced was a shadow of a person moving from one end of a hall to the other. It was my first investigation with VPS and we were in a house in a really quiet neighbourhood. There wasn’t any traffic or street lights outside so I couldn’t find a source. I submitted it and as far as I know it hasn’t been debunked. I’ve never been freaked out during an investigation although there have been times I felt a little creeped out. I feel safe with the team though so even if something really terrifies me I know ultimately I’ll be ok. I haven’t had anything else happen to me personally while on investigation. Yet. “

During the investigations, Sarah has her own routine and takes a serious approach. She usually starts with her digital camera, taking shots of the building, the rooms and anywhere else that catches her interest. She then sets up her camcorder to record throughout the investigation:

“I take the investigations seriously when I’m collecting evidence. I try to get as much footage as I can and carefully go through it at home. On site though we do have fun. We’re all doing this out of passion for the paranormal. I want to do a good job for the client and I also enjoy the experience.

I try to find an angle to get as much of the room into the shot as possible. Doorways are good places to focus the camera, especially in higher traffic areas. Eventually I’ll need to upgrade. My camcorder is nicknamed ‘Lil Red’ but she’s gotten pretty old so is more like ‘Granny Red’ at this point. I also have my voice recorder, which is a recent upgrade from my old one and exceptionally better. I can do live sessions or set it up somewhere and let it record freely for hours. Sometimes I find you can capture the most interesting clips when you are between sessions and everyone is relaxed and doing their own thing.”

Sarah is hoping to do more investigations with the team in the future.  She wants to add more to her ‘evidence-collecting arsenal’. She speaks highly of the WW2B team:

“The group has been fantastic, I’ve learned so much and have been given the privilege of exploring some really interesting heritage sites and buildings. I find the other members teach me the most. I get to see how equipment is set up and how to use it. There’s such a variety of tools and methods, it’s nice to have trustworthy guidance.”

Now living in Kelowna, Sarah works as a unit clerk at the hospital. It’s not nearly as exciting as looking around in dark, scary places, but she likes her job and has been doing it for ten years.

Writing is Sarah’s biggest passion. She has a few published short stories and a self-published book, Zombie Kitty. She is currently working on the sequel and is committed to making more room for writing in the near future.

Fun fact about Sarah? She is a huge animal lover and would love to open an animal sanctuary one day!

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