Beloved family dog missing in Celista, BC

This family is up late searching for their four legged family member, featured here. In fact, I reached out and the response was immediate. The family is looking for any and all help in locating their dog family member. It is cold and snowy outside and they are ready to reach out to everyone in hopes of finding Brutus:

“Looking for any information that could lead to the whereabouts of our baby boy, Brutus.

He and his brother are working Livestock Guardian Dogs that have recently become strictly house pets. We got them originally to protect our horses from predators in the area. They instinctively took on the job of guarding and loving our human boys, and obscurely enough, our fish. They take their job seriously, however Great Pyrenees are slow to mature (at around three years of age), and their instinctive nature pushes them to protect much farther than man labeled boundaries. Hunting season came up and the boys perceived the extra activity as a threat, so they were confined to their area, the porch, leashes, or the house.

Brutus was not displeased with his new couch guarding duties. Unfortunately though, instincts take over from time to time, causing the boys to escape, leading to threatening texts from people displeased with the distraction to their hunting. We invested in GPS trackers as an added safeguard for when they were outside so we would know where they were at all times. Technology,  as great as it is, has it’s downside…and when 4am woke us to the dogs needing out immediately, out they went with their trackers on charge instead of their collars. 

We called….and called…but to no avail. Daybreak hit and Brutus had not returned with his brother. No amount of calling brought him home. Hearts broken we posted online for people to keep their eyes and ears open for our young friend. We flew our drone as many times as weather and battery life would permit. Our friend spent the day hiking through the snow covered hills and valleys with her tracking dog, but due to unfavorable conditions, trails went stale. We have put on hundreds of kms hiking with FLIR to search. Many leads have all come up empty handed, in spite of our hopes. 

We are grief stricken, and our children and other dogs are at a loss….our home is not the same without him. There are so many possible scenarios that may have taken place, most of them best left unthought of, but we remain hopeful that our family will be one of the lucky ones!” 

If you have seen this dog, or heard anything regarding him, please call/text at 250-803-8239 or email

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