A paranormal investigation of The Baillie House with Pete Renn

Pete Renn front left, Jason Hewlett front right

Paranormal Investigator, Pete Renn, has been honing his craft for almost three decades.  He has investigated countless sites and buildings in a wide variety of places, collecting and documenting paranormal activity.  From voices picked up on several pieces of equipment, to seeing black balls of energy, to witnessing the inexplicable slamming of doors, Pete has seen a lot in his time and his thirst for more interaction with the ‘other side’ has never wavered.

Quick witted and ever positive, Pete is a force of energy all on his own. But laughs turn to purely professional when he is conducting an investigation.  After gaining permission to enter a site, Pete arrives with his camera crew and fellow investigators and sets up his equipment: a digital voice recorder, digital headphones, a spirit box and an Electronic Digital Instrument (EDI).

One of the crew’s houses of interest is the Baillie House, in Merritt, BC.  The heritage house was built in 1887 and is now used as a thrift store.  It is a two story, mostly wooden structure, with narrow stairways, high ceilings, wood flooring and small rooms.  The crew refers to it as ‘The Dollhouse’ due to the collection of old, cracked and chipped vintage dolls that inhabit an upstairs bedroom.

Dolls in the Baillie House, Merritt, BC

Now owned by the City of Merritt, the Baillie House has a colourful history. It has been owned by farmers and miners, factory owners, business owners, blacksmiths and welders and even a priest. There has been tax eviction, bankruptcy and a typhoid outbreak. There are several recorded deaths from illness and old age.

I had the good fortune of touring the Baillie House with Pete recently.  He took me down narrow steps to a tiny basement with a very old, iron stove, once used to heat the house.  The floor was concrete, the ceiling unfinished, the lighting dark.  Pete showed me the back corner of the room where, during a previous investigation, a mass of energy had been blocking the waves from the EDI, only to disappear moments later. 

Iron stove in basement of Baillie House, Merritt, BC

It wasn’t until he took me up the creaky wooden stairs to the bedrooms that I felt anything strange.  He asked me to walk into each room and tell him which one I thought had the most paranormal activity in it. There was no question.  It was the second room I walked into that made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.  And I was right.  It was the room with the creepy dolls in it, lined up in an old wooden crib.  But I was not worried about the dolls, it was the small closet that drew me closer. 

Upstairs closet at the Baillie House, Merritt, BC

Pete showed me where, during a previous investigation, a small toy on a dresser beside the closet had not ‘fallen’ off the dresser, but had covered distance before landing. It was in this room where previous home owner, Thomas Corkin, had given the crew his name through a spirit box and other unidentified voices swore several times at investigator, Jason Hewlett.

Pete is the President of the Canadian Paranormal Foundation. He and his crew have a TV Series called We Want To Believe with Joblo Productions. They explore everything paranormal, including spectral encounters, bigfoot and UFO sightings. They promise no false evidence, camera tricks or special effects, just a ‘non Hollywood approach to the pseudo science of paranormal investigation’.

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