Injured puppy rescued in Shuswap, looking for information

Rescued pup travelling to animal hospital in Salmon Arm, BC

It was midday on October 7 at the Celista tourist area near Salmon Arm, when a puppy flew out of the window of a dark truck heading eastbound.  The puppy rolled down an embankment.

Calgary residents Kristen Josey and friends, Mel, Andrew, Travis and Amanda, were driving in the opposite direction when they witnessed the incident. They pulled over immediately.

“We were going in opposite directions.  By the time we recognized something had flown through the air and it wasn’t a garbage bag, the truck was already around the corner,” said Kristen. “We laid on the horn and stayed on the side of the road for about ten minutes in case someone returned. The puppy was unable to walk and yelping.”

Kristen and her friends took the injured pup to the Pals with Paws hospital in Salmon Arm.  There it was confirmed the puppy had broken its rear knee.

“I wanted to believe that maybe the dog had jumped or something, but by the time we got to the hospital an hour away, no one had called either the police, the hospital or the vet looking for their poor pup,” said Kristen. “When we left Pals with Paws, the little guy had been given painkillers. The hospital was coordinating with the SPCA for the next course of action.

They were absolutely wonderful at the hospital.  The puppy was the sweetest thing and had we been able to cover the vet bills we would have ecstatically taken the cutie home.”

In hopes of finding more information about the puppy’s owners, Kristen posted about the incident on Facebook, including photos of the dog.  She asked the public to contact the local police or the animal hospital if they had any information about the dog or the dark colored truck.

She was met with many comments of support and gratitude from Shuswap community members. One special Salmon Arm resident read the post and responded with wonderful news.

“Thank you so much for your generosity and for taking this sweet puppy to the vet.  We are taking over the care and vet bills of this puppy at the Shuswap SPCA.  Once he is done surgery, he will rest in a great foster home.”

Where pup was found, Celista, BC

Kristen and her friends would like to find answers in regard to this incident. If you have any information, please reach out to Salmon Arm RCMP.

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