Goodbye Single Use Plastics!

Have you ever considered the amount of plastic containers and items your family tosses in the bin every week? Shampoo and conditioner bottles bother me the most. I picture piles of my empty shampoo bottles floating around in the ocean and wonder if I can go somewhere local and refill them instead of buying new ones.

Kamloops resident, Jennifer Norman, is taking the reins on changing our dependency on single use plastics. She is passionate about improving the health of our environment and is working tirelessly to make ditching and switching out plastic items a painless and affordable process for consumers.

Jennifer is the owner of Our Footprints Company. With storefronts in Kamloops and Kelowna, the mission behind the business is progress over perfection. It is a business that provides great transition products all the way to zero-waste, backyard-compostable alternatives. 

A breadbox created by Jennifer Norman

A wife and a mother of three, with an education in Human Resources and Petroleum Engineering Technology, Jennifer is a very busy lady! Here she shares her story about becoming a small business owner and the inspiration behind her hard work:

“One of my children has special needs and it has prohibited my ability to return to my job as a Human Resources Advisor. I knew the only way to support my family would be to start my own business to add some flexibility to our lives to work around our hospital schedule.

I have always had a passion for animals which led me to a plant based lifestyle. I continue to learn about the positive impacts a plant based lifestyle has on the environment and our own health. In addition, my own health challenges led me to making my own products for over ten years now and I have learned so much about environmental/physical health and sustainability. The power of plants is amazing!

I feel like my job has become to educate people on how they can make switches to their regular regimes that aren’t huge impositions to change. These changes, when done by each of us, have such huge impacts on our environment collectively. For example, switching out single use plastic items like a dish brush from plastic to an agave, bamboo, loofah or coconut bristle that can be simply backyard composted at the end of its life.

I’ve also built this company by doing a lot of market research and ensuring my prices are comparable/competitive. I want to ensure that price is not a deterrent for making a positive environmental change!”

For almost a year now, Jennifer has been building her business. She has been working long hours, trouble shooting and travelling back and forth between her store locations. Keeping her family at the forefront, this entrepreneur balances work life and family life. I wondered how she is able to do it all:

“I wanted to build something that I was proud to share with my kids, leaving a better world for them and their children all the while instilling a strong work ethic. They help me carry boxes, count inventory (math homeschooling-haha) and greet customers as I take them with me as much as possible.” 

Photo credit: Sarah Robertson at His and Her Photography

For the future, Jennifer hopes to build both her Kamloops and Kelowna stores up to successfully providing all of our liquid refill needs so we can all work towards eliminating the current single use plastic, throw away model that exists currently. 

You can find her stores to refill your bottles at 438 Lawrence Avenue in Kelowna B.C. and 1328 Battle Street in Kamloops B.C.

Contact Jennifer at

Follow along the journey! 

Instagram @ourfootprintsco & @footprintsco_

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