Music, Mexico and Making a Difference: The Gecko Band Is So Much Fun!

Victor and Rosy Vera

Victor Vera is a singer and entertainer in Puerta Vallarta. He is a ton of fun, putting out videos from his living room. He looks like a biker and sings like an angel. He has followers from all over the world!

In between singing songs with his fellow Gecko Band mate, Tony Smurf, his wife Rosy reads out texts from listeners. They are truly an uplifting group, joking, dancing and currently dedicating songs to front line workers and first responders. Last show he was singing tunes by The Beatles, the Hip, Elton John….and even Dr. Hook!

The entertainer is using his talent, humor and big personality to raise funds for various projects. With support from his Mexican and foreign friends, Victor started a small foundation called Hand to Hand Brigade in September, 2015:

“Hand to Hand Brigade was born with the purpose of supporting and helping people who need a helping hand that fills them with hope. My band, THE GECKO BAND, invited several bands from the Vallarta community to participate in a great concert to raise funds to support a friend in her fight against cancer, followed by several more concerts for this same fight.

Hand to Hand Brigade resurfaced in the wake of the earthquake in Mexico in 2017, which affected several cities and towns. The mission of our Brigade, along with some volunteers, were taking care and tracking the help that was donated, and delivering it directly TO THE HANDS of those who needed it. We were also in charge of making sure that the aid was not used for political purposes in order to get benefits from those in need, which is what normally happens when you just drop off the help in collection centers. It happened to us in the beginning. This is why we decided to do it HAND TO HAND all the time.”

Hand to Hand Brigade has been present in Tecuala Nayarit and surrounding villages giving aid after Hurricane Willa. They were also present in the community of Bucerias and Bahía de Banderas, giving help to those in need through the community centers.

Nursing staff in Puerto Vallarta accepting PPE.

To help with the Covid-19 crisis, Victor and his team started a campaign called ‘And Who Cares For Them?’ Here Victor tells us about it:

“We are asking for donations so we can support and take care of our nurses, doctors, bearers, and hospital staff, including cleaning staff, administration staff, ambulance staff, etc. Our government is not offering adequate security measures, so we’ve been buying and delivering mouth covers, N95 masks, gloves, disposable robes, safety glasses, hair caps, anti-bacterial gel, etc. Some things are out of stock everywhere, so it’s very hard to get them, but so far we’ve found everything we need.”

Victor and friend colleting PPE for frontline workers.

When not entertaining and raising funds for great causes, Victor and Rosy spend a lot of time together with their children. They go to the beach, swim and grocery shop with their children and grandkids. These days, due to Covid-19 and the time the two spend delivering much needed PPE in and out of hospitals, the couple cannot visit their family members like they want to. Their family and friends are what gets them through the tough times. And though they do not attach themselves to a specific religion, they attribute a lot of their happiness to a good relationship with God.

To support Victor Vera, click below. Or just tune into his show and feel good at Gecko Band Vallarta!



Victor and Rosy are grateful to everyone who has supported them, and would especially like to thank:Dr. Celia Loaeza, from the Intensive Care Area of the Social Security Clinic #42, Dr. Adriana Robles from Social Security Clinic #170, Tony “Smurf” (my bass player and Patty his wife), Dr. Ramon Samayoa to the new Medical Specialties Clinic, Juan Carlos Lopez from Roxy Rockhouse, Vanessa Lopez from the Social Security Clinic #170, Dr. Cynthia Zendejas from the Social Security Clinic #170, Nurse Yolanda Padilla from the Social Security Clinic #170, Nurse “Estelita” from the Social Security Clinic #42, Dr. Villarauz from the Social Security Clinic #170, Radiologist Salvador Delgado from the Social Security Clinic #42.  

75 thoughts on “Music, Mexico and Making a Difference: The Gecko Band Is So Much Fun!

  1. Victor and Rosy bring a lot of happiness into the lives of people, through music and their giving nature. They see the needs of others and step up to help them without hesitation. They are truly inspirational.


  2. Amazing hearts. They have given of themselves to become a vessel for others to give as well. Victor and Rosy radiate love and light. A true gift to all who are fortunate to be able to know them. Not to mention the time and talent they share with those who get to share time with them in PV. We are so Blessed!

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  3. Great job Victor & Rosy Vera, helping others from the heart, hospitals, doctors, nurses providing extra (And better) masks , sanitizers, even fellow musicians during Vovit-19, not to forget the Aid to people in natural disasters (Flooded zones last year) I saw your shoes with mud personally. Proudly I say: Way to go Brigada mano en mano compadres! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Covit-19 * 😬 typed it fast! My bad…But still, Main point, proud to be your Compadre, you Veras! 🤟🏼😉🎸


  4. Great people doing anything they can to help the less fortunate or supporting the community any way they can. Victor is as consistent in helping others as he is entertaining everyone with his musical prowess!
    Not many give so much to so many!


  5. A truly great entertaining band. Saw them in Mexico and then up here in Canada in good ole Saskatchewan. Great people all around! Keep up the goodness….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Our favourite band in Mexico, but what we love most about Che Victor, his wife Rosy and The Gecko Band is their huge heart. They give back with compassion, conviction and complete selflessness to community. They give generously to people in need. And they do it directly, hand to hand, to ensure the entire donation goes to those who need it.

    True heroes who inspire others. They lead by example. They truly make a difference.

    This excellent article profiles the best of humankind. An important “good news” story the world needs to hear, especially now.

    Thank you, muchas graçias❣
    Maureen & Stu McLellan
    St. Albert, AB

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  7. Victor & Rosy are two of the most compassionate ,loving ,caring people whom we have the pleasure of knowing for a few years. Their commitment to their community & to any one in need is an on going deed they truly enjoy by helping others. The Gecko band is enjoyed by thousands of fans ,who relate to the awesome tunes they rock with at each gig they preform at .The band loves to include the audience during the show .Victor ,Alfredo, Tony & John seem to display these hours as more enjoyment then a job ..THEY ROCK..


  8. Great party band! Victor is a real entertainer! We were regulars at the Saturday shows at the El Rio in Bucerias, also attended a fundraiser at the Lions Club in PV, had a great time!

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  9. The Gecko Band have been my favorite music band ever since I came to live in PV! I follow the Band with Friends every where they play in the Bay Area and would love to travel to Canada in one of his tours to see them play dinner day! God bless his efforts on helping people in times of need! Y cómo dice el dicho “…detrás de un gran hombre, hay una gran mujer…” Rosy Verá ‼️🌹


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