Undergoing Chemo Amid Covid-19 Pandemic, A Mother's Plea To Others

Dayna Dodding Harrison and her family, 2019. Photo by Milk & Honey

Dayna Harrison and her husband Reeve Harrison were both born in Kamloops, BC. Currently they are raising their two little girls they call ‘their beautiful miracles’ and operating two coffee shops in town (5 Bean Brewbar & Café).

Up until six months ago, Dayna’s life was very busy and happy. She was strong and healthy and rarely got sick. Then, at age 41, her life and the lives of her family and close friends was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with cancer. Here Dayna writes from her chemo chair:

“Six months ago I really never got sick and had a killer immune system. My life was going along really happily. Then I got diagnosed with breast cancer. With my four-year-old and eight-year-old beside me, the news brought me to my knees. Throughout this process of fighting cancer I have been really scared.”

Currently, Dayna is more afraid than ever. She is afraid because she is receiving chemotherapy and therefore immuno-compromised. Covid-19 is spreading and the actions of everyone is a big factor in its impact. Here is a part of Dayna’s plea to others, published on social media last week:

“I beg you from my whole heart please shut it down and flatten the curve! You want to say it’s a flu? That’s awesome. That you are strong and healthy? Amazing. I was as well six months ago and then I got breast cancer.

My life literally depends on the actions of everyone around me and it scares me! I hear people say it’s weeding out the weak, the strong will survive, only the elderly will die, and this will help with overpopulation. These comments break my heart because as I am one of the weak and I was one of the strong not so long ago. It has been proven now that covid-19 is spread by the healthy who show little or no signs at all. 86% is spread by the STRONG AND HEALTHY.

I have held my head high with cancer and tried to find the positive in all situations. I’m a social person, so having been isolated already for four months, I know how hard it can be. And now to be in complete lock down except to leave to do chemo and doctor appointments is so scary.

So please I beg everyone stay home and enjoy your family. I don’t consider myself old nor weak and my kids and family need me. And I need them.
Your Friend, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter -Dayna.”

Dayna Dodding Harrison, undergoing chemotherapy, 2020: ‘I thought that losing my hair would be the hardest part of all of this and it was at first, but kids help with that. They rub my head and giggle.’ -DH 

As Dayna fights for her life, she is deeply grateful for her family, friends, staff and the amazing women she works with on her side gig with Neora International. Keeping a positive mindset is important to her:

“I am quite a social person and love to turn other’s days around. I love working in customer service and meeting new people everyday. I believe that with a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with positive people your life can change. That even in the darkest moment you can always find hope.”

Please submit comments, thoughts and words of encouragement for Dayna during this challenging time.

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  1. Hi Dayna
    In July, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has metastasized in 3 or 4 other organs including liver and lymph nodes.
    Where the heck does this come from and how does it just show up with stage 4??
    I am a grandmother now ..a young 65 yr old..and my 2 daughters and grandchildren are in Kamloops as well Thank goodness. Well until the coronavirus arrived, we spent quite a bit of time with them. Fortunately I did not lose all my hair and it has been growing back. I have my 3rd ct scan later next month and stay optimistic to have good results…at least no further growth!!
    I have chemo every 2nd Thursday.. later mornings normally with trtmnt this Thursday.
    When do you have your treatments?
    Maybe we can say Hi to each other sometime??
    Anyway I am getting thru this with a positive attitude and doing energy work on myself with other wonderful women sending their love and healing also.
    Wishing you love and healing.

    Darlene Bendick

  2. Well done Dana, I am glad you have the strength and courage to stand up and speak out, not only for yourself but for others as well.
    We think of you and your family often.
    Take care!!!

  3. Hi Dayna
    I am also going through chemo in Kamloops and it is hard at times to stay positive , but with the support of family and friends it helps … We are all counting on people to do the right thing and stay home , think of the people around you and not just yourself . Thank you Dayna for speaking up , sending you and your family love and hugs ❤️

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