Pets and Mental Health: A Dog Named Dubby

Dublin, photo by Tracey Mounsey Photography

He is a six-year-old English Bulldog named Dublin. And he is helping his owner fight cancer.

Owner Sabine Stanzer adopted him this year in June from Pommy & Pals Rescue. He is originally from the states and he already had his name. Sabine really liked the name Dublin so chose to keep it, though he is most often referred to as ‘Dubby’.

Sabine had wanted a French Bulldog at first but saw a picture of Dublin and fell in love with him right away. She has owned bulldogs before and they are one of her favorite breeds.

I asked Sabine how having Dublin affects her mental health and happiness:

“I have always loved dogs. I grew up with dogs and a life without a dog is just not complete. It’s so nice to come home and have him come running to the door super excited to see me.

He makes me laugh. His favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating and playing ball. There is also pooping, farting and burping! He also loves car rides. He will jump into anyone’s car if the door is open. He goes crazy and barks at the TV if there’s another animal on it. But most of the time he just likes to hang out on the couch with us. He is really adorable and loves everybody!” 

Sabine is a musician in Kamloops, aged 39, who is currently fighting breast cancer. A big part of her journey is keeping up her health, mentally and physically. Dublin plays a big part in her every day pursuit of health. She believes Dublin ended up with her for a very special reason. Pets are known to improve well being and reduce blood pressure; Dublin is no exception:

“He gets me out more. I take him every day to the park so he can play with his ball (his ball is his best buddy) and the fresh air and exercise relieves my stress. All around he makes me a happier person! Dubby gives me positive, good and healing thoughts. His snoring calms me and to pet him is like meditation for me. He relieves my anxiety. Dubby needs a lot of attention, which is a distraction from my own problems.

There is nothing better than to walk through the woods and meadows with a dog.” 

Dublin, photo by Tracey Mounsey Photography

Dubby recently won a pet photo contest hosted by The Big Edition in Kamloops, BC. He won a photo shoot by local photographer, Tracey Mounsey.

To help Dublin pay for expensive treatments for his owner, click here!

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