The Women Rider World Relay is Stopping in Kamloops!

Sara Pedersen, Tajikistan

Now spanning 100 countries with almost 2000 women riders, WRWR is the Women Rider World Relay that began this year on February 27 in the north of Scotland. Riders covered most countries in Europe, then rode into Turkey, Pakistan, India, across Asia to New Zealand and Australia.

The relay spans twelve months as a baton is passed from woman to woman and country to country, ending in the UAE in January, 2020.

Kamloops resident Sara Pedersen is one of the road captains and the local arrangements contact for the Kamloops leg of the relay. She has a 25 year history of dirt biking and started road riding in 2010. She and her husband have spent the last six years riding BMWs around the world through 84 countries and for 260 000 km. She was happy to provide more event details.

“WRWR is the Women Rider World Relay. This started with the idea of UK rider Haley Bell in 2018 that she wanted to organize a worldwide women baton relay. She shared this on social media in late August 2018 and this snowballed to 10,000 followers in a month and there are now over 19,000! This was the magnitude of the response to her call to show the ‘industry’ the force behind women in motorsports. 

WRWR is a chance for us to celebrate and highlight women riders around the world in their role as the fastest growing market in the motorcycle industry. WRWR is coordinating women motorcycle riders to participate in the relay to bring fun, experience, confidence, and a sense of unity among women riders globally. There are just a few riders that are not Canadian in Canada. In each country almost all the riders are from that country.”

The cross Canada section of the relay begins September 14, 2019. The first leg is from Vancouver to Kamloops and the riders will arrive around 2 pm, including 35 women from the Thompson – Okanagan region.

Leg 2 is from Kamloops to Revelstoke and the riders will leave at approximately 3:30pm. There are about 60 riders in each group, with some overlap of riders participating in both legs. The group will be welcomed in Kamloops by the Blue Grotto Nightclub at 319 Victoria Street.

Grotto owner Pup Johnston stepped up last week when their previous venue cancelled. He did not hesitate to offer the Blue Grotto as a rest stop and offer to provide lunch for all the riders. We will be assisted into and out of the city by the RCMP to minimize inconvenience to residents.

Sara Pedersen, Ice Field Parkway, Canada

Residents can view the epic scene of this many riders as they arrive to Kamloops on highway 5 from Vancouver or while they ride down Colombia street. The bikes will be at Blue Grotto 319 Victoria St from about 2pm to 3:30pm and can be viewed. Canadian flags and cheering along the route is very appreciated!

Have a safe ride WRWR! 

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