Is There a Nature Group in Kamloops? – Adventures of Kamloopian Kyle

It can be difficult as a nature lover to find locally like minded people, especially for a student like myself without any prior knowledge of Kamloops. Even under ideal circumstance, many people only find one or two others to enjoy their nature activities with. Well brace yourself because in the city of Kamloops – we have a considerably large naturalist club. Kamloops Naturalist Club is an absolute asset to the city and nature lovers alike.

The KNC was founded in 1971 (yes, 48 years ago at the time of this writing!) by Jack Gregson and other dedicated naturalists and conversationalists with a care for the natural world around them. The KNC is one of 50 clubs in BC and is part of the larger group, BC Nature, the federation of BC Naturalists. The club mission is, as Margaret Graham quoted for me, “To know nature and keep it worth knowing.”

Please just take a few moments to appreciate that mission. To know nature is to be intimate with the natural world around you, and to learn how it operates. To keep it worth knowing is to consciously make an effort to conserve and protect the natural world around us. This could be through education, exploration, cleaning, and limiting the exposing wildlife has to human influences. These are just basic ways you can contribute to the mission that the Kamloops Naturalist Club holds dear.

Photo by Merlin Tuttle

Where do local events take place?

There are several field trips held a year, mainly during the spring and fall. These include things like gold panning, a trek up Greenstone Mountain, wildflower viewing, bird counting, swan and eagle counting, and bird fest. As well as the incredible experiences offered above, there is an annual picnic in June.

Rose Hill, summer, by Lyn Baldwin

When do they take place?

The club meets on the third Thursday of each month except June, July, and August. Each meeting features a guest speaker talking about relevant topics to naturalists. Meeting times are from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Heritage House in Riverside Park. These meetings usually attract upwards of 30 like minded people. Not sure if you want to get a membership? Great news! The public are entirely welcome to attend these meetings.

How would I join in on these great activities?

Margaret has kindly provided me with a few easy ways for interested people to join or get more information. They are listed below for your convenience.

Featured image is taken by Lynn Borle. If you know of an awesome group, activity, location, etc. Please contact me via email or Facebook.

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