Poetry from the Heart by Linda Wall, BA – Poet

Linda Wall

I’d like to thank Shannon Ainslie for inviting me to be a contributor to Kamloops Coffee Talk.

I’m a writer, editor, publisher and poet. I plan on sharing on this space not only my poetry, but the creative inspiration and process behind them, and any other items related to the written arts.

Nature is one of the main inspirations for my poetry. In my collection of over 250 poems, I have many poems inspired by sunsets, the moon or clouds. I find peace and serenity and tranquility in Nature. Also, having a BA in psychology, I find people watching to be another pastime of mine that shows up in my poetry.

Today’s contribution is called Serenity Park – Reflections in Riverside Park which I wrote in 1992.

Riverside Park is truly one of the Jewels of this great city…

Riverside Park, Kamloops BC

Serenity Park – Reflections in Riverside Park

Laying on my back underneath a big old tree

the painted leaves of fluorescent and green

are waving back at me.

The fingers of the branches twitch and beckon to me,

“Come on up and join us; come dance in the breeze.”

Endless backdrop

         the sky is blue              unbroken by eternity.

The branches snaking skyward

its bark rough and dry and cracked baked by the mid-day sun.

Billowing clouds abound.

An airplane leaves its trail slicing through the air,

carrying people away.

Are they going for a visit, or going there to stay?

Did they work all day, or did they find time to play?

People walking in the park

      some alone others in groups.

Are they lonely, or happy or bored           

or do they even care?

A young man lights a cigarette

And runs his fingers through his hair

      Head flung back to worship the mid-day sun.

The breeze is as gentle and caressing

as an expert lover fondly embracing me,

All is at peace with the world in this place of









Riverside Park, Kamloops BC

Upcoming Workshop for Kamloops & Area Writers of all ages

Saturday, September 14th 1 – 3 p.m. 423 Tranquille Rd. (Odd Fellows & Rebekahs Hall)

Sharing her experience in the self-publishing world, Linda Wall is facilitating an afternoon workshop called, So You Wanna Get Published where she presents the ins and outs of her self-publishing experience. You will learn the pros and cons of self-publishing and a check list of steps to take – including how to obtain the CIP, and ISBN for legal registration and distribution of your books.

$75, (Early Bird $65 if paid by September 5th) Contact Ms Wall at writewordswritingservices@yahoo.com to book your seat.

“There’s a book in each of us – waiting to be written…”

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