Adventures of Kamloopian Kyle – An Introduction

Peterson Creek Park entrance sign.
Peterson Creek Entrance from Glenfair Dr.

But what is there to even do in the outdoors WITHIN city limits?

It’s far too easy in our comfortable city life to forget about the stunning outdoors that surround us. The prospect of adventure – beckoning us forth, if only we would take the time. Thankfully, in the city of Kamloops, nature can be found in short distance from nearly any location. Thanks as well to the well maintained app Trail Forks, exploration is both accessible and simplified. Active GPS tracking and trail maps ensure you can find and enjoy your adventures with any level of outdoor experience. Trail Forks is available for both android and apple phones via their affiliated app store.

A zoomed out map of trailforks marked trails surrounding the Kamloops area. With many more existing that are not marked.

Whether it is hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, climbing, or walking activities that you seek – Kamloops has them all. In this introduction we will take a look specifically at the Peterson Creek trails, which have a focus primarily on hiking.

Peterson Creek Park – A family friendly, pet friendly, incredibly scenic park.

Picturesque bridge along the bottom of Peterson Creek Park

Peterson Creek Park features three separate trailhead entrances, each one equally useful depending on what you are looking for. The Whiteshield trailhead features a mixture of flat and hilly plateau to explore with easy access to trails down towards a stream and waterfall, and up, arguably, to the most spectacular view in Kamloops. Use caution if you choose to go down towards the river as black diamond rating (high difficulty) trails populate most of the hill. If you are not very experienced, the Tom Moore trail offers access from the top to the bottom without much difficulty.

View from the Whiteshield Drive plateau area

The main trailhead, which is located on Glenfair Drive, features a forested and later rocky terrain with access to a waterfall. There is a stream following most of the trail with some scenic bridges and pathways. Use caution in the later section of the trail as the rocky terrain becomes moderately challenging. There may even be a geographical feature I haven’t mentioned that is worth checking out, but I’ll leave that for you to find out on your own adventures.

The Summit Drive trailhead features easy access to the Bench trail, which, you guessed it, has benches. The benefit to this section of the system is that Bench rests on top of a high point in the area – providing an absolutely stunning view of the surrounding area.

Need an additional reason to visit this park?

Here’s the kicker – Peterson Creek Park is entirely dog friendly, with both on and off leash allowed. Yes, you heard me right, you and your dog can explore to your heart’s content in this park.

Stunning view overlooking the city as I hike the Ridgeview trail

How is Peterson Creek Park maintained?

Peterson Creek Park has many sponsors – three of which I noticed on my brief hike photographing the trail system. Sprouting Knowledge, Happy Hikers Club, and The Rick Hansen Foundation all have sponsored trails or areas only possible because of their donations; As well, it is only with the considerate donations of organizations like these that the parks can be properly funded for cleaning, maintenance, and other necessary tasks. You can show your support by actively using the trails to show that they are indeed appreciated by the community.

Why Hike?

Hiking really is an undervalued activity. Not only does it contribute to your physical health in a multitude of ways – it also contributes to your mental health. Always remember to bring sun screen and water while hiking, and if it is especially hot out a hat and sunglasses wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Whether you feel gloomy, cooped up, or otherwise anxious for change – give hiking a try and you’ll find it brightens your spirit quickly.

Up to the peak
The city behind,
hills beckon me, go forward –
to witness my views.

Eternally a Trail
Dirt, sitting here now,
after, and before. Waiting
patiently, always.

Do you have suggestions on where I should check out next? Got a favorite trail or activity within Kamloops? Shoot me an email at or send me a facebook message.

3 thoughts on “Adventures of Kamloopian Kyle – An Introduction

  1. This is awesome! I love hearing about all the great outdoor places Kamloops has to offer! Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more of your articles!


    1. I look forwards to writing them Ricki Andrews. The outdoors hold a huge place in my life – and writing even more so. You can expect posts from everything from mountain climbing to walks in local parks and everything in between. Thank you for leaving your comment, I hope you enjoy the rest of the articles as much as you did this one!


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