Linda Wall, A Poet and Kamloops Treasure

Photo of Linda Wall

Well known and beloved Kamloops woman, Linda Wall, is reaching new heights this year as a poet and a small business owner. She has thirty years of experience with writing, editing, publishing and graphic design.

Linda has been writing since she discovered pencils and paper as a young child. Her creative writing style started out as poetry. Today she is an experienced and self-published author and poet. Her creative writing centers on the human condition: life experiences, earth, nature, and spirituality.

After selling out the first printing of her debut book of poetry called The Dance of Intimacy: love, loss and longing through poetry, Linda updated and published a re-print that has just been released in July 2019.

It is a collection of thirty-eight poems she wrote over about a twenty-year period as she traversed the dating life. The Dance of Intimacy is broken into five chapters, each of which has poems that she wrote to, or for, the man in her life as they passed through the various stages of intimacy and relationships from beginnings to endings.

She recently presented to the public the re-birth of her book by participating in a spoken word event with local singer/songwriter G. Stewart Duncan in a lovely garden setting at the Teahouse of the Harvest Moon in Kamloops, BC.

“The event was a collaborative fundraiser for us and AIM Canada, with 20 to 30 guests enjoying the traditional Kamloops summer evening event. I read from my book as well as several poems from two new collections I am compiling for self-publishing later this year and early next year.”

Teahouse of The Harvest Moon, July, 2019

Participating in spoken word events (as mentioned above), or in the semi-monthly Open Mic Night at the local café, The Art We Are, is a relatively new aspect of Linda’s writing adventures. For most of her writing career, she just wrote her poems as she was inspired and rarely ever read them aloud, so this is a huge step to become more public with her writings.

“Even though I am comfortable in front of a mic as a public speaker, because my poetry is so personal, I am still quite nervous when reading my poetry in front of an audience. Thankfully, the local arts community is very respectful, encouraging and supportive, especially of emerging talent.”

As for the business side, Linda is now the owner at International Writing Services. Her business writing centers on helping clients enhance their businesses and professional image. Her mission is to help clients save time to pursue their passion and primary professional goals.

“My number one priority is making a difference in the world by using my creative abilities via the written word and graphic design. I offer my creative abilities to create quality, clear, concise & accurate copy in any area of a client’s business, from creating, editing, or proof-reading their marketing copy, internal or external communications, or updating website pages.”

As a business with a social conscience, International Writing Services SM donates 10% of every project and sales transaction to a charity of the client’s choice, or our choice if nothing is designated by the client.

Debut book by Linda Wall

You can usually find Linda reading her poetry at the semi-monthly Open Mic Night at The Art We Are on the second or last Wednesday of every month. The café has a warm, inviting ambiance, so if you enjoy sitting back with a hot tea and baked treat, go relax and have a listen!

For those who are interested in pursuing self-publishing, Linda is presenting a 3-hour workshop called So You Wanna Get Published on Saturday, September 14th from 1 – 4 pm at 423 Tranquille Rd.(Odd Fellows & Rebekahs Hall)

You can contact Linda for more information at

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