Krystian Shaw Advocates for Ability Friendly Businesses

Krystian Shaw

Owner and founder of The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter, Kamloops man Krystian Shaw is passionate about the newsletter business. In fact, he will be celebrating the sixth anniversary of his newsletter this September.

A real go getter, Krystian is now launching a new program called the Ability Friendly Accessible Business Program with an aim to improve relationships between businesses and people with unique mental and physical challenges.

The program is for all types of businesses that either hire those with challenges and/or have wheelchair accessible ramps. A requirement is that business staff needs to be friendly, compassionate and kind and have empathy for people with diverse backgrounds, whether they are customers or employees, and regardless of whether they have mental health or physical challenges.

Recently, Krystian welcomed his first business into the program:

“I would like to welcome Fun Factor onboard as the first business to sign up for a year. We also appreciate them putting an ad in the newsletter as well. We are excited about this new program. People would like to know if you support diversity, inclusion and access for all, no matter the ability or the disability ones might have. Being disability friendly and having a certificate on your wall saying so will draw more people to want to do business with you. Fun Factor is now known as Disability Friendly in the city of Kamloops.

We are now going to certify Horizon Dental clinic and Head Hunters in downtown Kamloops and some other businesses are interested as well.”

Arthur Loring and Krystian Shaw (left to right)

Any Business that meets the criteria and would like to have their name and business listed in Krystian’s newsletter for a small cost can do so by contacting him at The cost will include a certificate in a frame as well as a listing in the monthly newsletter and extra marketing tools. This is in addition to paid ads.

Krystian believes people should feel comfortable if they have to go to their employer with mental health issues:

“If people are sick with a mental illness or other kind of disability and need a break from work, they shouldn’t lose their promotion or job with the company. Awareness and inclusion for all should be talked about more.”

Awareness and inclusion for all is the theme behind Kystian’s new logo, designed by Kamloops Kameo podcaster, Nevin Webster. Krystian’s original logo had a picture of a wheelchair in it, but after some thought, he decided not to limit his awareness campaign to those in wheelchairs, but to go with a logo that was more encompassing of all kinds of disabilities, visible or not:

Logo Designed by Nevin Webster, Kameo Podcast

“The symbolism of my logo is to emphasize inclusion for all regardless of anyone’s diverse abilities. My goal is to stomp out stigma and discrimination. I believe businesses who do not stigmatize or discriminate should be recognized.” 

For more information, or to join the program, you can contact Krystian at

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