Let’s Compost, Kamloops!



‘Compost is wonderful for many things, including enhancing soil and protecting watersheds!’-Addie 


Have you heard the news?  A young woman named Addie de Candole is spreading awareness about the huge benefits of composting.  Furthermore, she has been busy lobbying the Kamloops City Council to move faster in providing a community composting system.

I met up with Addie last week at the funky, local coffee shop The Art We Are to find out more about what she is doing and a little about who she is.  She had bags of veggies with her from the local farmer’s market so I identified her right away!

She was very bright and educated and interesting to listen to.  She spoke well and really knew her stuff. Addie has earned a Bachelor of Science from UBC and a Masters of Natural Resource and Environmental Studies from UNBC where she studied community gardens.  After all of that school work was finished,  she did some farming.

“I farmed for three years, then hurt my hips and decided to work with school-aged children at Farm to School BC (where I still work part-time) teaching teachers and students how to start gardens and healthy food programs.  I am currently in the elementary education program at TRU.”

When I asked what her hobbies were, Addie listed composting as one of them!Composting is something she has been doing for a long time so it was an easy leap for her to start bringing awareness to our community of the benefits of having a city run composting system. Did you know that over half of the population of BC is already composting?

“I think composting is very important for several reasons.  It minimizes waste going to the landfill, which we will eventually fill and have to dig a new hole for.  It also is a useful resource that creates a product to replenish our soils with and keep the healthy cycles going.  Composting minimizes the methane gas that would be produced in the landfill, which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.”




‘My vision is a system that would provide one more bin to residents alongside their garbage and recycling bin for food scraps, and have the municipality divert all of that food, lumber, wood chips, etc to create soil. This could either be their own compost system or a hired company.’-Addie


To help support Addie and the future of composting in our city, please click on the link here to read the letter and sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/kamloops-city-council-let-s-compost-kamloops-240e63bd-02f1-4718-8d3f-5eb08e334311

You can find Addie at Let’s Compost, Kamloops on facebook!


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