Pound Fitness, All Ages, All Stages, With Performer Emily Anne Pugsley


‘I love that POUND gives anybody at any age or any stage the feeling of being powerful. As soon as they feel the beat of the music and their bodies moving in unison with others, it is purely healing.’-EP


When I first met Emily Pugsley at Steamers Cafe in Sorrento, the first thing I noticed was how lean and muscular her arms were.  She was working behind the counter.  She greeted me with a warm, bright smile as I approached to order a coffee.

I couldn’t resist asking her how she was so fit?

“POUND fitness,” she said with enthusiasm, completing my transaction and handing me an empty cup to fill.

“What’s that?” I asked. We introduced ourselves then, and Emily told me about herself and how she fell in love with POUND fitness.

Emily has been dancing for over 20 years and has trained in multiple styles of dance. She is currently attending the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria BC, but she comes home to the Shuswap/ Kamloops area in the summers, where she spends her time teaching, dancing and working. Here is her story:

“A few years ago I was in a place in my life where I knew I needed a change. I was working at a job I didn’t like and I wasn’t dancing or working out. Needless to say I wasn’t very happy. Then one day I was approached by the owner of Let’s Move Studio and she asked me to come teach for her. I thought hard about it and after a few more signs pointing in the same direction, I quit my job.

Soon I was asked if I would be interested in getting certified to teach a ‘POUND’ class. With only a small idea as to what POUND really was, I attended my first class. I found my mat, held onto my ‘Ripstix’, and with the first strike I was HOOKED. I booked my training and after an emotional, sweaty, inspiring 8 hours I became a certified POUND Pro.

I began travelling to teach classes all the way from Clearwater to Tappen, BC. As soon as I realized the impact POUND was having on my clients and myself I created my own business, For the Love of Fitness, that allows all of my clients to have access to a fun, positive experience.

I now run my classes four days per week out of Carlin Hall , FACES, (lower level). I will be returning to school in the fall but I intend on running my classes again next spring. I can see For the Love of Fitness allowing me to travel the world while spreading my ever growing knowledge of health, dance and fitness.”

POUND was created in 2011 by two women who were both recreational drummers and former college athletes. They relied heavily on stability-based exercises like pilates to keep their bodies aligned, symmetrical and lean, but were bored with the routine.

When they were forced to drum without a stool and squat over the drum kits, they realized drumming and exercise could be combined. POUND is becoming increasingly popular in North America and is spreading globally.

“I love that POUND gives anyBODY at any age or any stage the feeling of being powerful. I’ve had clients dealing with emotional trauma, severe health issues, mobility limitations or just simply insecurities in their own abilities, but as soon as they feel the beat of the music and their bodies moving in unison with others, it is purely healing.

Drumming has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve focus, coordination and mobility. POUND is not only just a great workout, it’s so much fun. During the class you’re so focused on getting the beat and feeling the rhythm of a song that you almost forget you’re working out! POUND has an incredibly supportive community all around the world, and we’re always looking for new rockstars to join us!”

Emily’s hobbies mainly consist of POUND, singing, acting, dancing and cooking.  She loves food and believes food is medicine. She eventually wants to help other people in the performing arts (and otherwise) properly manage their health through meal planning, prepping and fitness plans!

You can find her @poundfit on Facebook or instagram to learn more!

Photo credits: Whitest Wash Photography



“I was fortunate enough to travel to a yoga retreat in Mexico where I learned my most comforting mantra, ‘without the mud the lotus flower cannot grow.’ It reminds be that through the hardest parts of life you become the strongest.” -EP

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