‘Here to express not to impress’ with photographer Tracey Mounsey

tracy2Photo of (from left to right) Rosalind Mitchell and Kristina Mitchell

Tracey Mounsey is the owner of Whitest Wash Photography in Kamloops, BC.  She doesn’t just take professional photos, her passion is to work closely with her clients to show them just how beautiful they are.  This she has done with many local residents, producing unique photography with creative costumes and themes.

In September 2018, an article about Tracey’s photography business was published in Kamloops Matters, Talking Trades.  Her business has grown since then and her photography has been published in several magazines, most recently dazzling the front cover of Hot Ink.  She has worked hard and taken risks financially and creatively to get this far and continues to expand artistically and technically.


It was during the fall of 2017 when Tracey decided to take her business of photography from a side gig to something more serious. She was working at a job that didn’t use her skills and talents as an artist. She felt she had let photography take the back burner, and decided it was time to share her passion for photography as a professional service to others.
“From 2017 to early 2018 a lot of my work was done at no cost to the people I worked with. I wanted to build a name in the local area since I hadn’t done much work in Kamloops. Through social media, the Kamloops Arts Council, and friends, I was able to connect with some wonderful mentors, makeup artists, businesses, and models. It wasn’t very long after this that there was an increase in demand for my work throughout the area.”

Tracey then found a studio space to rent from a close friend and fellow photographer. This allowed another venue for her to work out of and offer to clients. The more work she ended up doing, the more confident she became with the images she was able to produce.  In addition to finding a studio location she spent a lot of time practising and learning new techniques and theory of photography.

tracy6Photo of (from left to right) Tracey Mounsey, Rosalind Mitchell, Kristina Mitchell

In 2018 Tracey was published by a magazine for the first time, and shortly after that she was published by several more.

“It was very daunting to submit to a magazine for the first time, there was a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty. I put a huge amount of pressure on myself, and still to this day, to learn more skills, perfect the art of photography, and create more compelling work.
Thankfully something I don’t give into is competition with others. I find that to be unhealthy in so many ways, as each photographer has their own perspective, expertise, and style. With many other great photographers around me it’s beautiful to see what they can produce.

There have been several times where I have doubted myself and my style. In my doubts I had often contemplated changing my style to something softer or traditional, and would compare my work to others. However, I realized that I need to keep true to what I love and the rest will fall into place. The entire journey up to where I am has been so wonderful, humbling, and exhilarating.”


tracy1Photo of Feral Vice

Tracey is grateful for the family and friends who continue to cheer her on as well as the models, stylists, and artists who have collaborated with her.  She thanks her husband who continues to support her dreams.  She is motivated every day by the lives that are touched in a positive way by her photo shoots.  She is looking forward to a future full of new people, new creations, and more learning as she continues to explore the art of photography.

tracey1Photo of Tracey Mounsey

‘The top lessons I have learned would be to treat everyone as you would like to be treated, to take risks, to follow your gut, never stop learning, be your own competition, and be willing to connect with others around you.’ -TM

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