Explore, Awaken, and Transform With Creative Visionary, Marilyn Puff


Yoga lotus position silhouette against the full Moon

Ceremony in nature is such a powerful way to reconnect to who we are, settle our nervous systems, and set an intention for our lives. – MP

It was a cold, clear evening when I went to meet Marilyn at the Full Snow Moon gathering she was hosting.  I parked my car and crunched through snow to the dyke along the riverbank in Westsyde, following her instructions.

The night was dark, except for a full, brilliant moon, a bright fire glowing on the beach below, and tiny white lights that guided me down the bank.

On approach I could smell wood smoke and hear drumming.

The circle of people standing around the fire was small in size.  They played drums, shook rattles, and sang softly.  I was greeted warmly with nods and smiles as I put my blanket down next to the fire, no longer concerned about the cold; the fire was throwing lots of heat and sparks.  I watched the embers drift up into the sky as I listened to the ceremony.

In the dark it was hard to see Marilyn, she was all bundled up, but as she led our group through a beautiful evening of reflection, far from technology and the sounds of the city, it was easy to feel her calm, nurturing spirit.

She offers these full moon fires so that people “can come and reconnect with the deep feeling of being outside at night around a fire… not just any fire, but a fire of intention to connect to something greater than us, that feeling of awe, of beauty and deeper purpose.”

A creative, passionate seeker, Marilyn loves engaging in opportunities for exploring our inner worlds and expressing our authentic nature.

“I’ve always been very connected to being in the forest. By the Eagle River, near Sicamous BC and the Shuswap lakes, is where I grew up and spent so much time. I was not a social child or teen, as I didn’t seem to fit in. I knew what felt good to me, and it was being outside. So that gave me lots of connection to the beauty and inspiring evenings of laying on my back, looking at the moon, or running even more powerfully at night. I had no fear of the dark, it was comforting in our rural star studded valley.”

Our ceremony that night ended with a sharing of thoughts and vulnerability among the group, as well as lots of love and a sense of deeper communal connection. I left with much to reflect on and a beautiful memory.



Many people know Marilyn for her business of Sacred Moon Emergence, the first annual transformational weekend for women.

Her vision for her private practice and for the weekend retreats is to support people in their healing journeys and to gather sisters together for transformational weekends. The name ‘Sacred Moon Emergence’ is analogous to Divine Feminine Rising. This is a term that speaks to the changes that are happening as we all become more compassionate and create a need for a more nurturing, inclusive, and collaborative approach in every arena of life.

She brings from her lineage a love of singing, movement, and community building. She offers numerous modalities for personal growth such as counselling, massage, breath integration, meditative journeying, teachings of the medicine wheel, and life passage ceremonies.

After a life changing year in 2015 of her mother’s passing and a spiritual pilgrimage to England, she was inspired to start her own practice and retreats after almost 30 years in the field of alternative and traditional counselling.

“My experience is that from having lived with a very sensitive nature, and feeling the angst and the joys of the world quite deeply, that it’s important to focus on what is in front of me… to be present in my life. I don’t stick my head in the sand, even though I don’t watch the news or read the papers, I always find out what is going on, but I need to stay centered and grounded, calm enough so that I can be of service, and enjoy my life to the fullest.

I’m a very passionate, curious person and my great study has been on how people tick? What makes us shine? What keeps us from shining?

My encouragement is that, even though there is some deep wounding or trauma that you experience in life, you can find support to get past these things.  You only need to touch them gently and honestly and you will discover the gift of your sacred wounds. Just by gently opening up those wounds, they start to heal.  Like a physical wound that has scabbed over prematurely, it needs to be opened up and heal from the inside out.

It doesn’t have to be years of therapy. These days there are so many amazing modalities for healing. I love body awareness, sensory awareness methods, and the inner healing ways of meditation or shamanic journeying. Telling your story over and over is a stuck place. Find something that calls to you, 12 step programs, yoga, hiking, anything that can take you through the anger and go under the anger to the tears. This is a great way to be on your healing journey.”

What if a large part of our purpose is… to be on purpose? Even if we don’t know what our lineage is or exactly what we want… the clues and cues to our gift and our healing are everywhere… in our hearts, in our emotional waters, in what we do everyday. Even knowing what we don’t want is a gift.-MP 

sacred moon 4

Marilyn would love to hear from you! Get in touch for the next Full Moon Fire Ceremony.
Find her on Facebook –Sacred Moon Emergence
Call or text at 250 320-1993 or email sacredmoonemergence@gmail.com






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