Embrace your potential with Steven Banks!


My vision for my future is to continue to learn and teach personal empowerment through the cutting edge of science as well as my experiences supporting those deep truths. – SB

Steven Banks moved from Revelstoke to the community of Kamloops in 2007 after he met his partner Stephanie Banks.  The couple spent years together snowboarding, hiking, and exploring whatever opportunities arose. They continue to enjoy the outdoors in their home base of Kamloops.
But they are not a typical couple in that they have been actively pursuing deeply spiritual matters after a life changing incident that occurred in 2012. Significantly, they have been devoting their lives to sharing their insights with others.  Here Steven tells their story:
“My life changed its course in 2012 after my partner Stephanie Banks had a serious mountain biking crash in Whistler BC, where she had a near death experience. On the second day of Stef’s recovery, while nursing two broken wrists and numerous other minor injuries, our lives took a drastic turn into what was for us then, unknown territory into a world of personal empowerment.


On Stephanie’s second day of recovery, spent in our home just outside of Pritchard, she discovered that she had returned from Whistler a completely different person. She sat on our deck overlooking the beautiful valley below to write in her journal to help manage her emotional suffering from her accident. Looking down at the pages she saw she had already been writing without being aware of it.
What she saw on the bottom of that page would forever change our lives. To Stephanie’s amazement what she saw at the bottom of the page was her mom’s name, Linda, who died in 1996 when Stef was twenty-four years old.
She scrolled down the page and saw it was a message for her from her mom and the printing was in her mom’s hand. She turned back nine pages to the beginning of the message and she began to read….

I love you. You are ok. Live and let live. More to life and more to live for. I am always close by, we all are. You are on your way. I will help you and your family and all the others. I am here always like a fine film of dust sprinkled on your skin. I watch and wait for the time to be right, as it is now. You see, you are my angel as well.
​Live with the truth in your heart and you will always have what you need. You have it in front of you every day. Don’t be discouraged as it is easy to be at times. Let us guide you, trust in the universe and you will be free. I am free and here, present.

Your heart has been blocked and now the key has been turned. Feel us dear we are here with you always. We guide you and try to help you along the way.

The door is now open. There is so much more to see my love, you are so dear to me. It hurts you I can see but be strong, open your passageways, trust and be trusted, understand, be compassionate, try not to be sad or angry.

Bring the happiness to others that you know you can and be proud of who you are and are becoming.
​You are so intricate and yet so simple. I feel so proud of you. You were my daughter but I hand you over to the universe. You are a child of the universe, a student of order, a teacher of wisdom. You chose this course and are managing to stay on track, you are hurdling the obstacles where necessary…. (letter continues).
This message was for Stephanie and I the marker for a new course, a new conversation and deep knowing that we are all here to learn and teach the universal wisdom of empowerment. Stephanie from that day to this, continues to connect with those who reside in the quantum realm and now channels their messages both in written form and verbally for individuals and groups through her events.”
The past seven years for Steve has been spent learning from Stephanie and many other great teachers and scientists who are sharing the best science of our time teaching us about the human condition, that is, the structure and function of our physical experience.
Steven has recently discovered a belief change process called PSYCH-K. Since 2015, when he finished his training, Steven has been assisting individuals in embracing their potential through transforming their limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs to supportive ones that allow them to move more freely into the direction of their conscious wishes and desires.


“I am a student of the cutting edge of the science of consciousness and have learned and experienced the truth of our process. It is only when we understand the function of our conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds that we can recognize that on average 95% of our lives are being lived through the subconscious programming we received in the first seven years of our lives.


I now am holding events where I outline for people a new story, a new opportunity to embrace their potential. I am for the first time doing a small tour around southern BC to give a two hour introductory presentation on the basic structure and function of our three minds and teach people how they can harmonize those aspects of themselves to live vibrant, passionate and fulfilling lives.
I am currently writing my first book titled ‘Harmonization of the Self’ which dives deep into how we experience our lives, why we do what we do, and how we can empower ourselves to transform our lives to understand and achieve our conscious wishes and desires.”
Steven is currently running an event titled ‘The Power of Belief’ on March 27, 7-9pm at the Sandman Signature hotel in Kamloops to speak about how we can understand and transform our limiting beliefs to supportive ones to move us into a direction of personal empowerment.
“We have been lost, living through outdated and false perceptions of who we are and how our reality functions. The best science of our time has presented a new story.  We cannot know what we want or need in life if we don’t know who we are. It has been said that the better we know ourselves the less we fear change in our world, each other, and our own power .

I feel it is time to embrace a new paradigm of reality where we can choose to live an empowered life, with a clear knowing that you already are all you need to be. You already have everything you need to move into the direction of your conscious wishes and desires and when we redefine our experience and understand the function of how we can manifest and experience our desires, our lives become a joyful journey of passion and love as opposed to a limiting experience of obstacles and missed opportunities.”


There is one question that lies at the heart of every perception that we have experienced, every decision that we have ever made, and every challenge we have ever faced and it is this question that drives me to learn and teach the understanding of our process. The question is simply, who am I? – SB


My event Links
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/549490385570443/
Website: www.balancingbeliefs.com/events
Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-power-of-belief-with-steven-banks-kamloops-tickets-54795530908

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