Oh Canada, When Strangers Come To Our Rescue!


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Many years ago I was struggling with major anxiety so had to leave my work in reforestation.  The job was in Port Hardy, on the coast, and due to anxiety I could no longer function properly.  My husband, who was running the project, had to take time out to get me to the little airport in Nanaimo so I could fly home to safety in Kamloops.

He dropped me off and rushed back to his project.  I was left trying to figure out how to cross the grey carpet to the sitting area to wait for a plane.  The distance was not far, but at the time it seemed insurmountable.  My anxiety had me questioning whether I could even walk properly or not.

I was dizzy and unstable in body and mind.  I saw an older lady sitting peacefully reading a book in the waiting area.  I focussed on her with the mission to get to the seat beside her and ask her for help, though frightened by the prospect of scaring someone with my unstable mindset. I made it to the seat beside her.

I explained my difficulties.  She reacted with kindness.  She held my hand to the plane, gave me cookies on the flight, and made sure I deported the plane safely.  I have always wanted to thank this kind lady but in the midst of it all never got her name or contact information.

We are surrounded by bad news and fake news these days, any news as long as it gets attention.  Here are some stories from everyday people like me who experienced the kindness of strangers.  Please enjoy:

“I was grocery shopping at Save On Foods in Brock back in August. Sunflowers are my favorite flower so I was going to buy some for my house. When I was in the check-out line, the gentlemen behind me asked who the flowers were for? I told him they were for myself as they are my favorite flower. He picked up the flowers and put them on his side of the divider and told me, ‘no woman should buy herself flowers, so I’m going to buy these for you’. I almost cried! I thanked him and promised to pay it forward.
This will always be one of my favorite memories” – Matina Durfeld, Kamloops BC

“Almost 20 years ago… I was doing contract construction work. I was doing a drywall job. Worked with a kid at the time on it. Ran into him a few years later at a corner store. He rushed over and shook my hand to where I thought he was going to break it. Turned out that he had his own drywall company now and he credited it to what I had unknowingly taught him.
Lesson learned?
Pass on what you’ve learned…..or it may be gone.”  – Steve Kinch, Kamloops BC


“It was a sunny beautiful day in Vancouver BC. The truck was packed, the cooler was stocked, my beautiful wife and trusty boarder collie were ready to hit the road for our next great backcountry adventure. We stopped to grab snacks and gas before we hit the highway. Unfortunately, when I tried to restart my truck it wouldn’t start. The battery was drained from sitting all winter, and I must not have charged it enough.
Thankfully a stranger came over to lend a hand with jumper cables. He explained to me he had never boosted a vehicle before but was happy to help. Optimistically, I told him it was so easy a chimp could do it and we had a laugh.
I explained to him that the red clip needed to go on the red terminal of the battery, and the black to the black. He gave me an understanding nod and we both placed our clips on the corresponding terminals…or so I thought. As I tried to start my truck I heard him yelling, and when I went to see what was happening smoke was billowing from my battery. I looked at his truck and much to my dismay he had reversed the black and red cables and fried the entire electrical system of my truck. It was then when he revealed his true lack of cognitive ability by stating that his truck would no longer start and could I give HIM a boost in turn.
I explained to him that his ridiculous inability to follow basic directions had likely resulted in thousands of dollars in repairs to us both. I then asked him not to speak to me as he stood there looking confused yet enlightened with an awkward grin on his face.
I’ve never asked for a stranger’s help again.”  –Jay Eves, Vancouver BC

Okay, well I guess it doesn’t always turn out well!  Please join this project and submit your stories to shannonainslie@kamloops.site





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