The Controversial Sandwich, with Chilton Nystoruk



Today Kamloops resident Chilton Nystoruk went through a local Tim Hortons drive thru for a cup of coffee. While waiting for service, a man came up to him and asked for some change.  When Chilton told him he only had debit, the man asked if Chilton could buy him a sandwich, to which he generously agreed.

But what started as a simple act of kindness soon became a controversial issue that has instantly garnered the attention of hundreds of caring Kamloopsians on social media.

Here Chilton tells his story in his own words:

“When I went to the window and asked to place an additional order they added it and I said the sandwich is for the gentleman waiting by the till inside. At that point the worker at the till said, ‘sorry we can’t do that’. He explained why (ongoing problems with panhandlers) and I said I would take the sandwich and meet the hungry man somewhere else. The worker replied, ‘no I can’t sell it to you now because I know you are giving it away.’

Resisting the strong urge to throw my coffee back inside the store in disgust, I spoke with a manager who asked me to drive forward and come in to speak instead of holding up the lineup, but no matter what, they would not be selling me a sandwich.

I delayed in protest for awhile in the drive thru while I thought of how to fix the problem. I decided to go inside the store and apologize to the hungry man and tell him that I would give him a ride somewhere else to buy him something to eat because the store refused to sell me food because I was giving it away (making sure to say it loudly enough for everyone to hear.)  Meanwhile, a lady already placing an order overheard and generously bought the gentleman a $10 Timmies card.

I could visibly see a number of customers who were sitting down were shocked to overhear the news!”

Chilton posted his story to facebook only hours ago, and the online community has responded with gusto, support, and disgust at the behaviour of the outlet.  Many have endeavored to boycott the restaurant entirely, including Chilton himself, until the store changes their policy.
They refused to serve me on the grounds that they didn’t like me giving their food to charity.” 

3 thoughts on “The Controversial Sandwich, with Chilton Nystoruk

  1. I would like to hear the restaurants side as well. It is amazing how you have completely skipped that part. I hope people stop encouraging pan handellers as they have been increasing a lot in numbers because of people like Chilton or the other lady. The other day only I was asking window people in KFC/Taco Bell to get rid of the homeless guy who was harassing every vehicle entering the DT.


  2. I’m sure we will all hear the restaurant’s side of the story, should they give it. And you are right – it should be heard. However, in the meantime, are you actually saying there is no difference between panhandling and doing a good deed for someone in need? Really? Should we stop people from donating clothes to thrift stores? Or food to food banks? Maybe we should build a wall around the city to keep the needy out – out of town, maybe out of sight. But then maybe some damn do-gooder would toss a hamburger or a winter coat over the wall. There is no stopping the kindness in some people. Or it seems the meanness in others.


  3. There’s no restaurant side of the story other than they are inhumane. It’s none of their business what someone does with their food or why they want to buy it. The only positive to the story is that poor panhandler was saved from having to eat that crap they try to pass off as food


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