Writer/Director Eric Red and Associate Producer Jason Hewlett Talk BigFoot


contributed by Eric Red

Logline: A team of five heavily-armed extreme hunters go into the remote Wyoming wilderness to bag Bigfoot, but find themselves out-manned against a relentless killing machine when they trespass on Sasquatch’s turf.

I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for an action packed flick about this cute little guy! The movie, which is currently in the pre-production stage, takes place in the forests of northwestern United States and promises suspense and gore.

Kamloops film critic and radio programmer, Jason Hewlett, has undertaken the role of associate producer for the movie.  He is working to promote it in western Canada.  The man behind the movie is Eric Red, writer of The Hitcher and the director of Body Parts, Bad Moon and 100 Feet, as well as several  more significant accomplishments.

I followed up with both men to find out more about No Man’s Ridge.


“I got involved with No Man’s Ridge because Eric and I share a mutual friend in writer/director/actor John Fallon, who I’ve known and collaborated with for about nine years now on various film projects and through our We Came from the Basement show. John is on board as an actor and producer, and asked me to help out with marketing No Man’s Ridge, and building interest in the film through pre-production and financing.

When John asks me to help him, I say yes. It’s that simple. When he said this was an Eric Red movie, there was no way I could say no. Eric wrote The Hitcher and Near Dark, two of my favourite genre movies. He directed Body Parts, 100 Feet and Bad Moon, which are great films. If you are a horror/genre fan, you know who Eric Red is. To be a part of this project is an honour.

To me, this movie is a no-brainer. A group of extreme hunters decide to hunt and kill the ultimate prey — Bigfoot! Naturally, Bigfoot has its own plans. If you like action, horror and thriller movies, this is a movie you’re going to want to see. ’Nuff said! If this sounds like your thing, then we ask you to put your support behind it, please and thanks.

These days, social media is hugely important to generating buzz for a movie and helping to get it made. So we’re asking people to follow the film on social media – we have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – like the Facebook page, and like, comment and share any and all posts. The more people who know about and support this film, the better.”


“I’ve always loved monster movies since I was a kid, and this Bigfoot movie is an updated version of the fun, unpretentious ‘70s Drive In creature features I grew up with. Supercharged with modern action and gore for today’s audiences and guaranteed to deliver the goods for horror fans, NO MAN’S RIDGE is still a good old-fashioned man vs. monster flick like you used to see on TV’s Chiller Theater.

The trick to making a good monster movie is keep it simple, stupid. In NO MAN’S RIDGE, we drop five hunters into the remote mountain wilderness to hunt Bigfoot and the whole movie is them hunting Sasquatch until it starts hunting them, then it’s all about who will survive. I describe this movie as a kick-ass horror action film with lots of adventure thrown in. Bigfoot is scary as hell but sympathetic because these humans come onto his turf and try to kill him and Sasquatch is simply defending himself. The hunters are heavily armed and tough as they come but quickly discover they are up against a creature a hundred times tougher.

The inspiration for NO MAN’S RIDGE came when my good friend, special effects makeup man John Vulich, and I were talking about monster flicks and realized there has never been a good Bigfoot movie. Sasquatch is North America’s monster. There are millions of people in the U.S. and Canada who believe it exists and thousands of people who have had sightings of it across our continent. With all this popular interest out there, nobody’s made a great movie about Sasquatch and the few Bigfoot movies that were done are mostly bad.

We decided to make the ultimate Bigfoot film. John sadly passed recently but I’m pushing forwards making the movie like he would want me to. We originally met because I love special makeup effects and used them instead of CGI on all my films, and that’s what John did. Creating a classic movie monster with Bigfoot using special makeup effects in the old school tradition instead of digital effects was our other motivation doing the film.

After we lost John Vulich, I brought in two of the best special makeup effects men in the business, Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson, to take over for John designing and building the Bigfoot monster and what you see will astound you. This movie all comes down to bringing Bigfoot to life up on screen so you believe Sasquatch is real. That’s our mandate.

I’m excited how we are assembling a great team to make the Bigfoot film, because it’s all about the team. Producing the movie with me are two of my closest friends, John Fallon and my wife Meredith, two of the most knowledgeable and passionate horror filmmakers I know.

The brilliant production illustrator John Gallagher has joined on and has already created the dynamics graphics you see in this article. In a Bigfoot movie Bigfoot is the star, which has given me the opportunity to cast interesting and talented fresh new faces for the six leads, starting with Marc Natoli as Jack, Cleo Rose Elliott as Whitney and Nick Principe as Bigfoot. Making movies is always a true adventure. If all goes according to plan, we start shooting this fall up in Jackson, Wyoming in the spectacular Grand Teton mountain range near Yellowstone National Park.”

Maybe we’ll run into the real Bigfoot…

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contributed by Eric Red





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