Donaldson Is Taking The Next Step In His Advocacy Campaign


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Gary Donaldson is about to take the next step in his advocacy campaign for those suffering with depression and consequential suicidal thoughts.

He will be hosting a seminar in Kamloops on February 6th called Back From The Brink, Depression The Silent Killer.

Gary will be sharing the painful, personal details of his own battle. Various, talented speakers will be taking the stage to tell their perspectives and provide information on mental health.

The venue is yet to be decided on.  It will be announced within the next few days. We need to understand how many people want to come.

Here are Gary’s own words about the event:

“Okay, so I’m going to do my first public outreach on February 6th in Kamloops.  This story needs to be told and not disappear. Suicides in Canada equal a 747 jet full of people crashing every month, all dead.

We’re planning a great outreach, one that is emotional and truthful.  We’re trying to tell a story. I believe I have great speakers who are passionate about life, living, and coping.
We live in a very emotionally sick world. We can watch it pass by and ignore it or we can chat about it, touch it, and perhaps understand it.
The difference between being depressed and not depressed is a simple snap of the fingers.
Be there. Let’s talk about it. Perhaps we can save someone’s life, maybe yours, maybe mine. This is an epidemic and it is growing.

Let’s do it.  Let’s tell the world.”

Everyone is encouraged to attend Back From The Brink, Depression The Silent Killer.  Donations will be collected at the door.  Those attending will be encouraged to participate in the conversation throughout the event.

Speakers will be covering topics such as addiction, cancer survival, depression survival, spirituality, and healthy alternatives to modern medicine.

Please indicate your attendance via facebook so we have an idea for venue size. You will see event under Shannon Ainslie, Back From The Brink, Depression The Silent Killer.

See you there!

I’m not quitting. This needs to be told. I had a really shitty day today, then I realized nothing is simple. Living is hard. Today I am alive, tomorrow is another day.
I truly believe that I can save lives. Love to all of you, your passion kept me alive. (Gary Japper Donaldson)


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