Chatting Relationship Wellness and Books with Teacher and Author, Cheryl Paige


contributed by Cheryl Paige

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unhappy, restless, frustrated, lost.… maybe because of life in general, a relationship, your career, your finances, or in your business- YOU have the power to change it! Inside of you are all of the tools you need to create the life you dream of! I am here to simply guide you and point you in the right direction.

Raised in Fort Nelson, BC, Cheryl Paige has made Kamloops her home for two decades. She has been very busy these past few years developing herself and her practice as a Soulful Life Coach, speaker, and even an author of her first book!

Initially the successful owner of a financial planning business, Cheryl has overcome her fears and limiting beliefs to transform her own life into something that brings her happiness and purpose.  She knows very well what it is like to feel ‘stuck’ and unfulfilled, and just what it takes to push past societal programming to create an authentic, meaningful life.

In her practice she focuses on both women’s wellness and working with couples to help them meet their full, loving potential. I thought her perspectives on relationships would resonate with many readers so asked her to talk about couples:

“In this busy world so many couples are struggling to feel connected and fulfilled in their relationships. We often find ourselves feeling lonely and in pain in our relationships and are unsure what to do to feel joy, connection, love and fulfilment.
The key is connection. And the dilemma is how to connect, especially once a couple has hit a state of gridlock where they have turned away from each other and are essentially on opposite teams.
The beginning objective to reviving the relationship is to get the couple back on the same team. In order to do this each person in the relationship must first make a choice, are they in or are they out?  It’s essentially impossible to get on the same team if one or both partners are not fully committed to improving the relationship. The choice does not have to be indefinite, but rather be framed in the lens of, ‘I am fully committed to giving this relationship my all while we do everything we can to create the thriving relationship we desire.’
Then, couples begin to reintroduce connection back into their lives in small, easy to implement ways. The amazing thing is that the little things make a huge difference over time.

I have created safe places for couples to come together to be surrounded by other couples who are also searching to improve their relationships. These environments are two fold: they provide a place for couple’s to gain support, understanding and connection with other couples on a similar path to them, and they provide guidance of what steps they can take to create the relationship they desire.”


Recently Cheryl became a published author.  Her book is entitled Relationship Revival: 8 Pillars of a Strong, Connected & Fulfilling Relationship.  I was interested in hearing about her experience in writing and publishing her very own book, and also how it has been received by readers:

“The process of writing and publishing a book was a process of growth and learning. The writing of the book was the easiest part for me as I knew what I wanted to share and it flowed out of me. The editing process on the other hand…. that was much more of a challenge for me. I love the way that the book took shape and emerged into the 8 Pillars.

I decided to self publish my book so that process in itself required a great deal of learning and fumbling through. I was blessed to be surrounded by mentors who had walked that path before me and were willing to guide me as I needed.

Writing a book felt much like growing and birthing my babies. It was my baby that I kept close to my heart for the years it wasn’t on paper and then as I wrote it all down and it transformed into a finished book, I had to prepare myself, and at times, talk myself into sharing it with the world. It is raw and vulnerable to share our creative work with the world. I prepared myself to finally release it to be read. In that preparation, I focused on how it could impact and help others who were looking for support in their relationships.

I have been blown away by how the book has been received. It has impacted people in ways I could never have imagined and I am honoured that readers take the time to let me know how the teachings in the book have changed their relationships.”

In becoming a coach, a speaker, and an author, Cheryl has of course faced and overcome many challenges.  She had to put aside her own self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. She had to have the courage to be honest and share her story with others. She had to stop caring about what other people thought of her!

In sharing her raw, vulnerable truths, Cheryl motivates others to relax and share too.  This allows others to feel less alone and start breaking down their personal limitations in a safe place.  Her biggest motivation  in her work is to ensure that others do not feel alone in what they are experiencing and how they are feeling.


contributed by Cheryl Paige

My personal vision for my future is to continue to live my life from a place of love, compassion and connection. I am blessed to be living my personal vision every day through the life I have consciously created and designed. I want to continue to live a life that lights me up both personally and professionally. Being a mom, wife and honouring myself as I continue on the path of evolving, growing and learning- because, to me, that’s what life is all about. It’s a journey with no destination.


You can join Cheryl at her NOURISH YOU WOMEN’S WEEKEND March 1 – 3, 2019 in Kamloops details here:

Get a copy of her new book at



Beaming you light, love & happiness,
Cheryl xoxo

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