Rockstars, Monsters, and Red Bulls, Oh My! What In The Heck Are We Consuming? Part 2


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What happens when you combine energy drinks with alcohol? You get what our youth are calling ‘Jagerbombs’, a popular party drink.
A Jägerbomb is sold with a pint glass of Red Bull and a separate shot glass of Jägermeister, a German herbal liqueur. The glass of Jägermeister is then dropped into the Red Bull.
The effects of a Jägerbomb made with an energy drink are similar to those of other drinks that contain both caffeine and alcohol. The caffeine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, whereas alcohol has a depressing effect. Consequently, some of the effects of alcohol intoxication are masked, making the drinker believe he or she is less drunk then they are.
This can lead to dangerous amounts of alcohol in the system.
There have been reports of drinkers being hospitalized after excessive consumption of Jägerbombs due to the effect of excessive caffeine.
In the UK in 2014, a teenager suffered three heart attacks and temporarily ‘died’ on her bathroom floor after she downed ten high-caffeine Jagerbombs on a ‘two-for-one’ promotion night.
According to medics, the high levels of caffeine in her system took control of her heart rate causing it to accelerate dangerously out of control. She ended up in an induced coma and spent weeks in the hospital until being fitted with an internal defibrillator.
She has since courageously warned other young people to avoid the drinks. You can read the full story here:




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In this next article, published in 2017 by NZHerald, researchers warn that mixing alcohol with energy drinks can seriously increase the risk of injury. Scientists believe the stimulating effect of caffeine encourages people to stay out longer and drink more volumes of alcohol, according to a review of 13 academic studies. The researchers found 10 of the 13 studies, published between 1981 and 2016, linked drinking a mix of alcohol and energy drinks with an increased risk of accidents and fights.
Mixing energy drinks and spirits can also cause heart palpitations, problems sleeping and feeling tense or agitated. The findings are published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
You can view the full article here:
In my opinion, partying is fun no matter what your age is. Drinking alcoholic bevvies can be fun and tasty! But I don’t understand the need for energy drinks? First of all, they are disgusting, they taste like cough syrup.
What is wrong with the many alcoholic beverages available without energy drinks added?
Why not party and get drunk without the heart palpitations and increased risks involved?
Just sayin’.

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