Hannah Grace Finds Healing and Happiness Through Horseback Riding

hannaadngraceHannah Grace and Grace, via contributed

When Hannah Grace moved from Nanaimo to Kamloops at seven years of age she was miserable.  She felt she was leaving behind the only world she knew, including her best friend.  To make things more challenging, her parents were getting a divorce.

That was when Hannah’s mom decided to put her into horse back riding lessons.  According to Hannah, horses were the only thing at that time that made her happy.  She always talked about them and watched all the horse shows she could.  Her room was covered with pictures of horses.

Now a beautiful 16-year-old student attending Westsyde Secondary School,  Hannah is still riding; she is currently assisting instructor Crystal Moore in opening an equestrian center called Gratus Equestrian.

“My first horse Trigger was the best first horse ever. But as I grew he didn’t, and I eventually grew out of him.  At that time I was boarding my horses at Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Center. That’s were I met my beautiful mare Grace. She’s the best horse in the whole world. The bond we share is unbreakable.

This past summer I’ve moved to my own place where I’ve now got six horses on the property. Our property is a 10 acre ranch in Black Pines on the river. I’m so blessed to be living where I’m living and having all the blessings that I do.

The one thing I absolutely love doing is jumping with my mare Grace. When I’m jumping I feel like I’m in slow motion and flying, there’s no other feeling like it.

One of my best friends Crystal Moore and I have dreamed of starting an equestrian centre. And now we have done just that. I just want to give others the thrill of riding a horse and experiencing the relationship that can form between a horse and rider.

I love horses so much. When I’m on my horse she makes a choice to allow me to ride her and have fun on her back. When I’m on her back I’m making the decision to trust an animal 10 times my size. I know that I can always trust my horse, especially when I have a bad day.  I always to talk to her and she’ll always listen.”


Horse Trigger and a pint sized rider on a beach in Kamloops, BC

Crystal Moore has years of instructing riding lessons for all ability levels and she is working with Hannah on the new equestrian center.  She too is driven by giving joy to riders:

“I love working with Hannah, she is so talented. I am truly blessed. Our property is dreamy. We have the beach and river in our back yard! We have a few young rescues that we are bringing along. I think we are both really focused on enjoying riding and sharing that joy with others!!”

You can ride with Hannah and Crystal and their horses at Gratus Equestrian!

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