🌸 Helping YOU learn how to live that Chemical free lifestyle by ditching and switching 🌸, with Fafa Domlan


Eurydice Fafa Domlan, via contributed

Eurydice Fafa Domlan goes by the shorter version, Fafa.  She does a live broadcast every evening where she covers useful and interesting topics in hopes of helping others make healthy improvements in their lives.

Fafa is open minded, curious, and positive, with a vast scope of all walks of life gained through her unique upbringing.
She was born and raised in Togo, West Africa. At 18 years of age, she went to university in Springfield, Missouri before moving to Paris to work.  At last, seven years ago,  Fafa moved to Canada to be with the love of her life!
Now she is a busy mom of three and married to her love.  Her family is Catholic, feeling that faith is important in their day to day lives.  She has found a way to balance her important role as mom with her need to share her gifts with others.

“When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer because I wanted to defend people and basically help people. Now I found a way to do that while still doing my most important job of being a mommy. That way is through my health and wellness business that I run when my kids go to bed.

Through my business my hope is to create a movement of people, especially families, that are empowered to make the best decision for the health and wellness of their families. And one way to inspire people is through my live videos that I do every weekday on a variety of topics ranging from health and wellness to mindset.

I do live videos every weekday, so Monday through Friday. On Mondays or Tuesdays I love talking about the power of positive mindset. The rest of the week I talk about health and wellness, common issues, so my audience can learn as I am learning.  I bring them the results of my research into a topic.”
On Fridays, Fafa has started to cover success stories of people who have gone from rags to riches to motivate her audience to believe in themselves.

On Wednesdays now, she has partnered with me to bring thought provoking research on very important issues in our society.


contributed by Fafa Domlan

Her favorite thing about doing her business is helping her audience.

“Recently I did a live on alternative ways to deal with insomnia and when a lady reached out to me for help, I was able to direct her and the next day she said she slept very well. These kind of testimonials are my Why!

My vision is to impact even more people through my business every day, but most of all inspire people to live their best lives and be their best self and to achieve financial freedom.

My dream is to create a platform where I can help and educate people on their health, wealth, and wellness, while also showcasing people’s stories . I believe everyone has a story to share and that sharing people’s stories can inspire others.”

Fafa doesn’t have a name for her vlog yet. Right now it’s just her name Eurydice Fafa Domlan. Here is the link to her Facebook page.

For short yet inspiring videos to help you reach for your best self, connect with Fafa via the link above where you will see times and topics posted for her evening broadcasts!


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