Chef and Coach Lorraine Mallon Encourages Us To Play In Our Kitchens!


contributed by L. Mallon

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Lorraine Mallon for tea at our local Red Beard Café. A tiny, articulate lady with a sunny disposition, she swiftly made me feel at ease as we settled into the tasteful ambiance of the café to talk about her business, Lorraine’s Health and Wellness.

Lorraine has been studying Integrative Nutrition Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is currently halfway through her studies. She is also a Chef and a Reiki Practitioner. Food and health and wellness has been a focus for her for a long time. She currently resides in the beautiful rural community of Pinantan Lake, just outside of Kamloops.

“I left a career with the Health Authority back in 2010 to chase a dream of becoming a Chef and running my own Bed and Breakfast; I did and I loved it. But, living in a rural community was also a dream of mine and my husband’s, and the more I worked in my B&B I realized I wanted to focus less on hospitality and more on health through my food.

I am absolutely fascinated with food, healthy food, food as our medicine really. I have always been extremely passionate about what we eat but since my recent studies it has brought my understanding and need to educate others to a whole new level.

I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years now so cooking delicious healthy food has been important; my studies at IIN is really just an extension of what I’ve learned and practiced over the years.

At IIN we learn about whole life wellness, also called integrated wellness. Primary food being our relationships, career, spirituality and our physical activity; secondary food, the food we consume. It’s simple really when you think about it. If one or more parts of our life are out of sync then it’s difficult to find balance in our whole life. It’s also difficult to have a healthy approach to food if we are out of balance so most of what our coaching focuses on is our life, our primary food and not just our secondary, the food we consume.”

Lorraine is passionate about helping others find health and balance in their lives. She knows that each person is made up differently and therefore everyone needs an approach unique to their specific requirements.

“I love seeing people fit all the pieces of the puzzle together using primary and secondary food as a basis for an approach to making lifestyle changes. When it comes to diets, we don’t believe in them; if diets worked then we wouldn’t have the health issues we have today.

There is no magic pill or solution when it comes to diets because we are all different. We use a “bio individual” approach as IN Coaches because everybody is different, not one diet fits all.

This is where my passion for food and cooking comes in. I support clients through their exploration of food choices and of course empower them to experiment and find what works for them and to play in their kitchen. I cannot believe how little time people spend in their own kitchens these days and how much packaged and processed food we consume as well as fast food. Learning to purchase and cook whole healthy food is really the foundation to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. There are no diets or fads needed, just whole, unprocessed healthy food.”

Lorraine’s business and vision for her future are growing. She wants to get out into the community more to share her coaching practice with others. She wants to keep the health and wellness ripple effect growing.

contributed by L. Mallon

“I want to touch as many lives as possible to help educate and support people with their food and lifestyle choices. There are many aspects of my Coaching that I’d like to expand on and I don’t expect to call it quits with education when I complete my IIN certification in May; stay tuned for more!”

In her free time, Lorraine loves to volunteer and has done so in many capacities over the years. One of those places was the Pit Stop at the Kamloops United Church kitchen, a place she really enjoyed volunteering at. There she led crews in the kitchen and participated as a crew member.

“It’s the most real and rewarding thing to do and I encourage everyone to think about getting out to help Rick and one of his many crews, they are such beautiful people.

The list is endless really as to how and where I’ve volunteered over the years. It’s such an important part of who I am as I love to give back to my community in any way I can possible. Giving is receiving for me.”

As Lorraine and I finished our tea, (okay, she had tea while I had a dry cider), our conversation began to stray. But I wanted to know a bit more from this intelligent, intuitive woman. I asked her for words of wisdom to share with others.

“Never stop learning and educating yourself in any way you can or want to. I know so many people doubted my departure from my career to become a Chef but it has led me to the most amazing and rewarding experiences I could never have imagined in my previous career.

I am a life-long learner, always wanting to know more and of course love to chase dreams. Making dreams come true can be scary; it takes bravery, work, lots of hard work and trust that what you are doing is the right thing.

I can honestly say that once you start to live it, the rewards of your hard work (and being scared senseless some days) is what makes it worth the while.”

You can connect with Lorraine via her website at

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