Kamloopsian Chad Saville Talks Photography, Photojournalism, and Music

Chad Saville, artist and amateur photographer

Chad Saville is a nineteen-year-old amateur photographer living in Kamloops. He also has a passion for writing and creating music.

He started his photography career recently, just this past summer. He went to Nova Scotia, and thought it would be an excellent time to buy a real camera and no longer use his phone to take sub quality photos. So, he went down to the local London Drugs and bought himself one.

“I bought the camera the day before I went on the plane to Prince George. The camera I decided to buy was the Canon rebel t6, a standard entry-level DSLR camera. And when I got my slimy hands on that camera, I went completely bonkers with taking photos. At the end of the week vacation, I took more than 10000 pictures with my new camera; it was a lot of fun.

I remember walking around with the camera on my neck, with the thought of people looking at me and thinking, ‘now that’s a professional photographer, he looks like a really cool guy’. At that time, my camera was my necklace of pride, even though it made me look tacky and pointless, and I am glad now I don’t think that way anymore with my camera on hand. And it wasn’t just tacky; I believe it was more of a hot kind of tacky look. None-the-less, I enjoyed the thought of getting attention at the time.chads3contributed by Chad Saville

Chad was born and raised in Smithers, a town he describe as beautiful with a strong community spirit. As much as he loves his home town, his brief travels highlighted his need for new views and a change of environment. To his delight, following his summer travels, his Grandparents moved to Kamloops, giving him the opportunity to move in with them to start a new life full of new adventures. He flew to Kamloops on the 20th of October.

“Travelling during the summer really opened up my mind to what photography actually was. Besides the main components of the camera being aperture, shutter speed, f-stop, and exposure. I found out in that one week down east that photography really is an art on its own. There are so many things I could say about photography. It’s not just point and click and there you go, you’re a photographer now. It’s a lot easier to feel like a photographer due to the introduction of digital cameras.

However, there are many apparent aspects when it comes to taking a photo that makes photography art in its own category. For example, when I was in Toronto, I learned that in photography, you’re not just trying to take a nice photo of something or someone, you are trying to send a message to the viewer of your photograph. Whatever that message is you want to proclaim in that photo, you want to capture the raw emotion in your eye that you can convey to someone else, and have that viewer experience what you were feeling in that moment before the shot.

chadscontributed by Chad Saville

Another thing I learned in defining photography as an art instead of a gimmick, is the thing I struggle with as a photographer, and that is style. Every photographer who has taken photography as a full-time career has their own style, their own way and thought in creating their product. For me, I’m purely an amateur photographer as I am still learning my style in taking photos.

Style is what contrasts the amateur from the professional photographer. It’s the photographer’s sense of composure. Is everything lined up correctly? What angle can I take the photo to make it pleasing to the eye of the viewer? Style is the photographer’s knowledge of lighting. What light will create the appropriate mood to compliment the atmosphere of the shot? And lastly, style is the photographer’s boldness and gusto in how far they are willing to go. Are they willing to break the barriers of their comfort zone and to expand past the fear of experimenting in or out of the moment of the photo shoot? Are they inclined to the long, tedious hours of waiting for the time and weather to be correct in the day to take a more mature photograph? Are they active to interact with the client or environment that they’re in to cast the true ideology of the photo in which they genuinely want to reveal to the public?

The photographer’s camera image sensor is the canvas of the world, a world they have the freedom to paint in their own little box.”

Chad is also very interested in writing. These two arts, photography and writing, have a meeting point called photojournalism. He thinks of photojournalism as the combination of two different art forms of storytelling.

“As a photojournalist you have to be bold and confident, not brazen, and definitely not someone that beats around the bush and always second guesses themselves. You have to be clever and sharp to the point, if you want to be a good photojournalist. Photojournalism, for me, is a step up to effortlessly starting interesting conversations and building foundations in relationships with individuals.”

Chad’s passion for the arts doesn’t stop with photography and writing. He is also interested in music. Even though he didn’t get the opportunity to be educated in music when he was younger due to lack of money, he was given an inexpensive keyboard when he was a child.

“I dedicated an interminable amount of time in determination to learn the piano. You see, I was a very broken child at the time when the piano was introduced into my life. I saw the keyboard as an escape from my loneliness and indescribable depression. But besides the long backstory, I spent most of my time, energy, and emotions, in improving my ability to play the piano. And as I went on with my journey with music, I ultimately wanted one day to share my music across the world; to inspire, entertain, and emotionally impact others.

With that goal realized, I started playing the violin, the accordion, and the guitar, inspired by the underrated French composer, Yann Tiersen. Most of his music is nothing short of emotionally invoking, inspiring, and just plain good. Yann’s music from the get-go, for me, was a pleasurable accident that I stumbled upon, and when I first heard his music, I stayed up all night enveloped by his playing. And at the end of listening to all his music, I had this indescribable desire to share the emotional feeling I had experienced. That I should create music and inspire people around the world. And that’s my dream, to create music.”

Right now, young Chad wonders if his photography and photojournalism work is more of a hobby than a career path. He views Kamloops as a crucial stepping stone for these big goals in his life.

chads1contributed by Chad Saville

“I have made a lot of local connections with the community here in this city. And the local relationships for me in Kamloops keep on growing day by day. It’s almost a guarantee that I will make a new connection with someone anytime I go downtown.

My biggest goal here in Kamloops is to grow and befriend the community, to create a face-to-face connection with individuals, and overall, to establish a stronger bonded and healthier Kamloops community.

I hope all the effort I put in creating lasting friendships and rapport here in Kamloops will be carried throughout my life, allowing recognition and appreciation of my talents in other places that aren’t just here or local.

Another ongoing aspiration I have is to grow my recognition through my work on social media. I wish to build my Instagram, ideally making myself a product of my music and photography. This city is going to play a significant role in sharing what I love as I divide my time and talents with the beautiful people here.”

You can connect with Chad via Instagram @ringo8savage
or view his website at https://dypanzer55.wixsite.com/humblesavage

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