Young Champ Chases Pan American Championships!

liam3Liam with coach Professor Chad Freeman

Charis Chiasson is a local mom whose son is doing some pretty amazing things!

Liam is only eight-years-old, but his young age is not stopping him from reaching for the stars! He is training in MMA at our local Boa MMA training facility under the guidance of Professor Chad Freeman.

Here mom shares some of Liam’s story:

“I noticed his strength, athleticism and toned figure at a young age so I waited until the six-year-old admission age to put him in it. I wanted him to exert his strong male mannerisms and keep fit in a fun way.

I was a single parent with him and his sister at young ages so when he and Chad met and connected well, I knew the environment would be a good influence on a young boy.

By November of 2016, Liam had already worked towards and achieved his grey/white belt and entered in his first competition where he placed gold. From there he was hooked. He’s currently a grey belt with two stripes and has brought home approximately 22 gold medals, six silver and three bronze within a year-and-a-half of competing.

Since 2018, he’s now continued to train even through the summer months and averages out one to two tournaments per month and trains a minimum of three nights per week. In the last year he and I have worked on getting his name and journey out to the community and he has picked up a few sponsors.”

Local sponsors for Liam are Kamloops Powder Coatings, Argo Road Maintenance,and Wrabel Brothers.

The goal? Get Liam to the Pan American Games, 2019!

Charis and her family are very thankful for the support from their sponsors. They are most grateful for the support from Jon Franklin of Kamloops Powder Coatings:

“We are especially thankful for Jon Franklin and his amazing enthusiasm for Liam. Jon even made it out to the super cup that was hosted here in town and saw Liam in his element.

Jon has been a tremendous support and now with Pan Ams in the works he’s been very encouraging and onboard with any and all of our fundraising for Liam. As of right now we have a dinner fundraiser coming up with tickets still available and a chocolate fundraiser available through Purdys online as well.”


I followed up with Jon Franklin for his thoughts on young Liam’s talents and future.

“A young man pursuing his dream should never be denied the opportunity to fulfill it. Liam has already proven himself a champion, he’s shooting for the pinnacle of his discipline and we absolutely want to see his success. He’s got a serious corner with his Mom (Charis) and Professor Chad of BOA MMA backing him.

Having met Liam on several occasions, he’s demonstrated that his training has carried over into his day-to-day life. Such a great ambassador of the sport and a wonderful and kind young man…we’re beyond proud to support his ambition of being a world champion. Go get ’em, pal!”

Liam with sponsor Jon Franklin of Kamloops Powder Coatings

And what does Professor Chad Freeman have to say about the young champion?

“Liam is a special little boy. I have coached hundreds of children over the years and only a handful ever stand out to be competitors at Liam’s level.

When he arrived a few years ago, I had to stand over top of him to make sure he didn’t go too hard with the other children. Liam is so small for his age but so good that we had to move him up to the 9 to 13-year-old class at the age of seven.

Liam truly has everything it takes to become the best in the world. Liam has always picked up on the jiu jitsu techniques that I have taught right away, and has used them in the tournaments to win over and over. This little boy brings a smile to those around him every time he walks in the door. He is now helping the other children get better as well.

I am happy to have Liam represent Boa MMA and can’t wait to see what he does with the sport in the future. I just hope I’ll be the one to wrap that black belt around his waist one day.”

Well, what do you say Kamloops? Can we help get this young fighter to the Pan Ams? Please contact via this site for more information regarding donating, sponsoring, and fundraising events!

Go Liam, go!

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